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Administration of Wiki Pages

Editing Wiki pages

Wiki is a collaborative system where anyone can edit the pages. The pages are divided using WikiWords, that is written as a single word with with mixed case. Each WikiWord is a link to another wiki page, and the different pages are interconnected using the WikiWords.

A Wiki page can be edited by using the edit link on every page. Links to every page is added by adding two square parenthesis around the WikiWords. Hence, HomePage is written [[HomePage]].

Standard Internet links are written using their URL:

A new wiki page is created by using a new WikiWords. When change to the referencing page has been saved, simply follow the link to edit the new page.

PwWiki organizes the pages into WikiGroups. A WikiGroup is a set of related pages, with the same side bar, where users can easily be given the same abiltities. Every WikiWord is looked up in the WikiGroup. If you need to access a page in another group, like the front page Main.HomePage, use a period to separate between the group and word: [[Main.HomePage]].

The side bar to the left contains links for learning more about editing pages.

Every user has a set of abilities for different actions. Their scope can be restricted to groups or pages. The most common actions are read pages and edit pages. The current policy at UniK is that everyone can read any page, but only the members of a project can edit the project pages, and only the student and supervisor can edit the pages for the master theses.

How to create new groups

New groups are created by either following a link you have created to any page within the new group, or by specifying URL directly as explained below. The HomePage page is not necessary, but having links to other pages within the group here can make the layout more predictable.

The side bar for the new group is made by editing the page SideBar within the group. This can be done faster by cutting and pasting the side bar from an other group. Watch out for links to other groups!

The proper users must be given abilities to edit the pages within the group.


How to create the Template group:

Specifying URLs directly

The layout of the directory structure is:


This can be used to jump to the page <Group>.<Page>.
If a page does not exist, a link to the same URL with the edit action will be generated.

The different actions (explained below) can be performed by adding "?action=" and the wanted action to the URL.


The page Administration.HomePage will have the URL:

To edit it, simply add the action to the URL:


Users with administration privileges can add users and change their abilities using admin action:

The abilities of users that are not logged in is set by the account "guest". The original account was "GuestUser"; Remove it?

The abilities of a logged in user, is the sum of the abilities of the "guest" account, the "LoggedInUser" account, and the abilities of the individual user.

The most important actions are read, edit, upload, attr, and admin:

  • read: Read pages.
  • edit: Create new pages or change existing ones.
  • upload: Upload files. Note: The uploaded files are changed per group.
  • attr: Set passwords on pages etc. - recommend not to use, to cumbersome with password handling
  • admin: All the other abilities and the right to administer users.

In addition there are variations:

  • <action>_all: Gives the ability to perform the given action, even if pages are password protected.
  • <action>_group-<Group>: Gives the ability to perform the given action within the given group only.
  • <action>_page-<Page>: Gives the ability to perform the given action within the given page only.

Substitute <action>, <Group>, and <Page> with the needed action, group, and page.


To give a user access to edit all the pages in the groups Communications and Sumo, and upload files to Sumo, type the following:

  • edit_group-Communications, edit_group-Sumo, upload_group-Sumo
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