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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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  • ASWN paper template
  • UiO library including springer, IEEE.... - ask Najeeb (wiki UiOLibrary)

Integrating Mobile Devices into Semantic Services Environments

  • Josef Noll, Sarfraz Alam
  • Mobile Semantics, Devices as Service


1. Introduction

  • semantics (Josef)
  • device interfaces and semantics
  • service interfaces on mobile devices (and semantics) - check Springer, IEEE

2. Device as a Service

  • extracting the services from the mobile devices through Web Service Architecture (picture and text from Josef)
  • device as a service bundler (Josef)
  • iSync SyncML or ActiveSync mechanims for Calendar/Contacts access

3. Web Services on Mobile Devices

  • search for literature
  • gSOAP, Microsoft, Java

4. Interal service access through Mobile Web Services

Current device interfaces

  • where to put device interfaces as CC/PP, UAprof, UPnP, and GUP (3GPP Generic User Profile) as potential service interface? (here or in chapter 2?)
  • Mobile Web Services = semantic web services as integrator of services in the mobile phone
  • accessing Calendar/Contacts through gSOAP++
  • requirements, postulations, roadmap

5. Policy based access

  • transfer user access rights into service access rights
  • (evaluation, implementation) based on Mushfiq's work

6. Conclusions, References

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