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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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  • Masterthesis at UniK
  • Institute: UniK



NFC is a technology which makes it easy to communicate between devices and RFID-tags that is compliant with the NFC standard. New technology gives new possibilities, but new pit falls as well. This thesis will look into what kind of dangers arises with the use of NFC compared. In relationship with this an analysis of the Basic Access Control in passport is also researched. The thesis will also make an analysis of the security advantages NFC gives. Another area this thesis will look into is the trustworthiness of NFC tags containing information.

Content of the Thesis

  • Introduction
  • Motivation
  • Scenario
  • Technological overview
    • RFID
    • NFC
    • Bluetooth
    • Man-in-the-middle
    • Digital Certificates
    • Communication with smartcards
  • Cooperation with the industry
  • NFC security
    • Tag security, (also passport and analysis of tag reader systems)
    • NFC input security
    • Increase internet security with NFC


  • NFC implementation
  • Communication with NFC externally and internally
  • Startup and install midlet with NFC tag
  • Demonstration program for cracking BAC on Norwegian passports
  • Demonstrator
 -> A demonstration of a program on Nokia 6131 NFC using both NFC as communication.


Having finished the master thesis, the student will demonstrate how to:

  • use NFC to protect content
  • distribute content with NFC
  • use standard protocols for communication

Kontaktperson: Josef Noll, , Tlf: 6484 4745, Mob: 9083 8066
Øyvind Berget, , Tlf: 975 00 233
Gyorgy Kalman, , (phone number can be obtained from me)

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Categories:NFC, Information Security, Mobile Services

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