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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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Device interworking based on device profiles

  • Masterthesis at UniK
  • Institute: UniK in co-operation with WellCom (Telenor, SES Astra, TF1,....)




The mobile phone is the personal device a user is carrying around. Apart from the personal device, the user has a variety of other devices to communicate with. Examples of such devices are home entertainment devices, home infrastructure (e.g. heating control). However, communication between devices is cumbersome, mainly due to lack of information of device capabilities and service capabilities on the device. Near field communication (NFC) has shown the potential do connect to services (e.g. ticketing) in a seamless matter. The Master Thesis will elaborate the potential of device protocols to enable service discovery and finally service set-up.

Content of the Thesis (draft)

  • Scenario case (set-top box, car, home mulitmedia,..., pc)
    • what is the case
    • what are the requirements (functionality)
  • State-of-the-art and references in device profiles
    • GUP, Wurfl, CC/PP, UAprof, (UPnP)
    • analysis for usage between set-top box and mobile, alternatively mobile and sensors (Nokia Eco sensor)
  • Implementation of device profiles
    • practical experiences
    • service split-up
  • (service discovery) optional
    • service selection

Table of contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Scenario
    • Set-Top-Box Authentication
    • Content delivery based on device profile
  • Technology
    • Bluetooth
      • Bluetooth Pairing
      • Bluetooth Profiles
      • Bluetooth Protocols
      • Bluetooth Stack
    • NFC
      • NFC Pairing
      • NFC Security
  • Device Profiles
    • Background
    • Different Device Profiles
      • Composite capabilities/preferences Profile (CC/PP)
      • User agent Profiles (UAProf)
      • Foundation for intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA)
      • Wireless Universal Physichal Agents (Wurfl)
      • Generic User Profile (GUP)


Having finished the master thesis, the student will demonstrate how to

  • understand device profiles and what they can express
  • understand NFC and exchange with PC (RFID reader)
  • visualize device (and service) capabilities
  • demonstrate the use of device profiles for service split-up
  • (establish extensions towards service profiles)

Wellcom STB related

Installed software on the STB

Summary meeting May 6.

This is the conclutions from the meeting

  • parse structured XML to ontology
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Include service capabilities in device profiles
  • GUP versus Wurlfl
  • Interconnect service/device Wurfl and GUP
  • Interworking service-device-user

Egnet som: Oppgavens omfang kan tilpasses
Forutsetninger: The student shall have a profound background in operative systems and programming.

Kontaktperson: Jostein Malde , m: 9164 3348
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066
Sarfraz Alam, , p: 6484 4754, m: 4639 3153
Kjell Myksvoll, , m: 918 00 651

Categories:Device Profiles, Semantics, Mobile Services, Context

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