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STB Network Setup

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last update: 31.5.2010 (Josef)
original: Zahid

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This short description explains how the Philips STB uses Bluetooth to establish who is connected to the STB and sort the content on the STB according to the registered users. explain how Bluetooth phones are linked to the ESG.

What is needed

  1. STB
  2. Computer either Linux/Windows
  3. Network Switch
  4. CAT5 cable x2
  5. Putty
  6. various Bluetooth phones, where is the exclude list?
  7. mac address of the phones
    1. NOKIA 6720 classic- 00:25:48:5E:CF:6E
    2. NOKIA 6131 NFC -
    3. Josef's android -
  • Connect the computer to a network. If the switch does not give out IP, share this network connection so that the STB will get an IP. The computer IP should be:
  • Hook up the STB and the computer to the network switch.
  • Turn on the STB and make sure it gets an IP.
  • Ping the STB to ensure the computer and the STB can communicate.

Attach:STB-Network.png Δ|Figure 1. STB Network Connection

Starting Bluetooth Discovery Service

  1. The process starts automatically as you power on the STB. On startup, the STB displays the "Booting" then it display "Sending DHCP" to acquire the IP address. Once it acquired IP, It will display it on STB. Note that IP, you need it for SSH connection. Once, the fan speed of the STB lower down, you can initaite the SSH connection with STB.
  2. Later, the STb displays "Scanning [IP]" and when any device is discovered it will display the message "Found [name of the device]". The scanning process will be called after every 30 seconds.
  3. In case STB hangs on message "Philips STB-7901" means that it does not enter into bluetooth scan mode or it displayed "Bluetooth Error" message then:
    1. Use SSH connection to login(username=root, password=ph1lips) into STB
    2. Run command "ps aux | grep python" and look for and if exists note dowm its PID, and then run command to kill it "kill -9 [PID]"
    3. Then run command "./" to run the bluetooth discovery process again.

Semantic Personalization Service Deployment

To deploy service on the connected computer just run the java application using the command "java -jar SemanticAuthorizationservice.jar <IP address of the computer>"

How to add new mobile phone! Mushfiq

  1. navigate to /root/bluetooth_py/
    1. open vi
    2. To edit file press "i", this will enable editing then scroll down to the line you want to edit
    3. Add macaddress of the new mobile at macFilter ('macaddress', 'macaddress')
    4. when done with editing press "Esc" key and then press ":wq" to save and exit
  2. navigate to /root/bluetooth_py/
    1. open 'users' file: vi users
    2. add information about the users: add macaddress then map to user name (follow the same syntax)


FIX - in case computer has IP different than

  1. Establish SSH connection with STB
  2. Navigate to directory /root/bluetooth_py/
  3. vi "" file and change the IP address (by default it´s to the IP address of your computer
    1. To edit file press "i", this will enable editing then scroll down to the line you want to edit, do your editing, when done with editing press "Esc" key and then press ":wq" to save and exit.
  4. SSH from MAC?
    1. open terminal
    2. ssh root@ipaddress
    3. then password


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Page last modified on September 07, 2010, at 03:56 PM EST