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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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Meeting 2. September 2010

  • Josef: upcoming ICWMC tutorial,
  • Mushfiq: Report from HPI, Potsdam; 2 papers submitted;
  • Sarfraz: Sensor; Sensorcom conference; paper for Thailand - implementation of eFree MC
  • Zahid: 2 papers before November; received best paper award from MOPAS conference; asked to submit journal paper;
  • Brage: background NTNU: signal processing, proposal: power optimization for cognitive radios in a multi-user scenario
  • Toan: application level system for spectrum allocation, paper accepted for ICCS in Singapore, submitted to Mobiquitous in Sidney, paper for DYSPAN 15. Nov,
  • Tay: Masterstudent - looking for topic in semantic sensor systems or femtocells, decision in Jan 2011


  • cake
  • boat trip
  • common trip to MOPAS 2011, Budapest?



Warzawa & Potsdam visit

Hasso-Plattner-Institut 16.-17. March 2010

  • Mohammad M. R. Chowdhury, "Applicability of Semantic Technologies in Security, Privacy and Trust"
  • Josef Noll, "Beyond 4th Generation Mobile Networks - Topics and Challenges"
  • Zahid Iqbal, "Semantic Profiling for Users and Communities"
  • Toan Hoang, "Frequency Resource Protocol for Dynamic Spectrum Access"
  • Lars Strand, "SIP peering for Global Roaming"

Orange Labs Poland, 15 March 2010 AM

Warzawa University of Technology, 15 March 2010 PM


  • Josef to contact Mathias Weske
  • Toan to phone Marcin, for topics, hotel booking
  • Mushfiq c&p topics to Andreas, Toan to c&p to Marcin (select one)

Aftenposten report on EM radiation: rats have changed their brains, spill of Albuminum due to 0,0004 W (0,4 mW).


  • next Statusmeeting: FRI 11 Sept 2009 12.30 - 13.30 (or shorter)
  • short progress briefing from each group member

Potential Topics

  • Underwater communication (Kjetil Ĺnonsen, Hugin kartlegging)

Old topics

TUE, 17. March 2009, 1230-1330


  • Josef, Elin, Zahid, Sarfraz, Gyuri, Lars, Toan, Gei, Shabnan, Arlindo, Markus
  • social travel: Geilo, end of August, Elin to organize
  • science workshop, potential visits after summer
    • Prague: Milos (Geir, Josef)
    • Berlin: Hasso-Platner-Institut in Potsdam, (Gyorgy, Josef)
    • Warzawa: Polish Telecom (Josef)
  • Public-relations from our group
    • roll-out, paper in basement, Ifi open day, lecture
  • social meeting
  • How to create a good-looking A0 poster

What to work on

  • Oslo Chamber of Commerce: "Foreigner in Norway" handbook - Mushfiq
  • StorIKT proposal writing: Mushfiq, Najeeb
  • WWRF personalisation scenarios: Najeeb
  • Mushfiq
    • concentrate on work (Mushfiq: Jena installation, Gyuri: session ID, document ID)
  • Gyuri
    • Special pensum
  • Najeeb
    • Rules for Ontologies
    • Personalisation profiles for WWRF
    • WellCom contribution
    • StorIKT proposal
    • Semantic MediaWiki (Arild)
  • Josef
  • Joakim
  • Najeeb, enhance paper (lectures)
  • Řystein: Merging public and private content - enhanced EPG on the mobile
  • Ideas for Master/PhD colloq
    • 1000-1200 h, common lunch afterwards, probably end of january
    • 2 hours/10 presentations = 10 min each
    • organised by UniKum, supported by teachers
    • invite Master and PhD students
    • Handouts by Kristin/Tone (1 page)
  • Campus Kjeller kolloq
    • Theme afternoon, 2x year
    • 20 min/presentation
    • Handouts: 1-2 pages, 4-5 lines from author, 1 page of abstract plus .pdf of slides
    • Josef to talk to Kristin



  • contribute to WellComD1.1 (Gyuri,Najeeb)
  • D2.1 TOC (Gyuri)

Interesting aspects

  • One aspect I would have liked to see is when mixing mobile (SMS)

technologies and Internet, how do security issues bleed into each other.

Paper submission

  • 15 February 2008 - the submission deadline for

VTC2008-Fall in the beautiful city of Calgary in Alberta


  • IEEE Privacy and security: "Enhancing Web-based Identity mechanisms through user device authentication" - state-of-the-art, theory (architecture)
    • keywords: subscriber identity module, SIM, mobile phone, privacy protection, content delivery, trust, NFC, key exchange
    • missing: example of community or profile/preference description Mushfiq
    • download 10-12 papers, related to our keywords Gyuri
    • IEEE Potentials: visionary paper
  • IEEE Communications Magazine: focus on content delivery
  • IEEE Antennas and Propagation (Magne)
    • status Josef
  • WWRF White Paper on Semantic Services
    • 15.2.2007
  • Innovation book chapter - Monday Morning

Book chapter

Background & material

Special pensum


  • Use English (UK) for submissions to all conferences (check IEEE conferences), except Journal in USA
  • terminology - what do we mean ...

Technical discussion

  • DRM for content access
    • DRM removed by Apple, Amazon, Wal-Mart
  • RDF, FOAF and other engines for defining communities:
  • how to define "profiles" in Semantic Web


  • Josef: 2.-6.July, 15-31.July, 8.-21.August (Laapreenta summer course 15.-17. August), 23.-24.8. CAST
  • Mushfiq: Lisboa conf. 5.-9.July, whole August
  • Gyuri: last week of May, conference july 1-7, holiday july 25-29


Public Relations/Student recruiting at UniK

  • Summer student
    • Semantic implementation of preferences/profiles/social communities
    • Semantic Wikipedia Josef to ask Arild/Andreas to implement
  • Real/practical work
    • bring
    • hire sw developers
  • Demonstrations

Relation to industry/academia

  • BME - UiO Erasmus agreement: contract in place, signed at BME, will be sent to UiO for signing
  • NXP, Agnes
  • Gemalto - visit 6.-8.3.

Members of Communication group

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