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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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Personal device integration through Near Field Communication

  • Masterthesis at UniK
  • Institute: UniK in co-operation with Telenor



The mobile phone is the personal device a user is carrying around. Apart from the personal device, the user has a variety of other devices to communicate with. Examples of such devices are home entertainment devices, home infrastructure (e.g. heating control), and the car. However, communication between devices is cumbersome, mainly due to set-up problems. Near field communication (NFC) has shown the potential do connect to services (e.g. ticketing) in a seamless matter. The Master Thesis will use NFC for connectivity between devices. The thesis will analyse the scenarios, establish the communication requirements, and will then establish the connectivity between the mobile phone and other devices.

Content of the Thesis (draft)

  • Scenario case (set-top box, car, home mulitmedia,..., pc)
    • what is the case
    • what are the requirements (functionality)
  • State-of-the-art and references
    • player in the market
    • technology (bluetooth, wlan, wireless usb, ...)
    • alternatives
  • Bluetooth versus WLAN connectivity (pin, WPA, WEP) - key exchange mechanisms
  • establish connectivity (see Goals)
  • demonstrate a user scenario (push of personalised info to phone: e.g. EPG from media center)
  • TOC-NFCpin


Having finished the master thesis, the student will demonstrate how to

  • Understand NFC and exchange with PC (RFID reader)
  • Establish Bluetooth pairing on the laptop
  • Establish Bluetooth pairing on a mobile phone (tbd: S60, Windows Mobile)
  • Establish content access through simple pairing

Egnet som: Oppgavens omfang kan tilpasses
Forutsetninger: The student shall have a profound background in operative systems and programming.

Kontaktperson: Josef Noll, , Tlf: 6484 4745, Mob: 9083 8066
Kjell Myksvoll (Telenor), , 918 00 651
Gyorgy Kalman (UniK), , 4787 4607
Øystein Sandnes, , Mob: 905 66 878
Kostas Papadopoulos,, , ph: , Mob: 924 46 609

Categories:Bluetooth, NFC, Mobile Services, Information Security

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