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Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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International Projects

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Previous Projects

UniK is offering project partnership

UniK has a good tradition of being involved in international research projects. These include Eureka ITEA and Celtic Initiatives, as well as EU' FP6 projects. We are looking for partnership in the 7th framework programme, FP7.

Our expertise is a.o. in

a) semantic description of user communities and community services
b) proximity services, including device authentication
c) authentication, authorisation and seamless service access

We have close co-operation with Telenor's Innovation lab PATS (, and are able to create and control mobile services in the Norwegian Market. Examples of that are key distribution for NFC based admittance, semantic matching of user preferences with the electronic service guide (ESG).

For further information, please visit: Research - for a description of UNIK, see UNIK/EU-description

As part of the University of Oslo several EU projects have been joined

  • EPiCS, FP7, - Robin group at Ifi
  • ITEA SUMO, WellCom
  • Artemis Shield
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