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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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PhD, to do


  1. write a letter according to RulesForForeignPhD - immediately (approval of master degree)
  2. create the Research Plan (copy from Mushfiq) ResearchPlan?
  • create application
  • list of subjects here at UniK
    • new requirements for PhD subjects, talk to Kristin (Ethics, English)

PhD application

  • Torbj°rn Sundt, is co-supervisor
  • meeting friday 14.12. - application ready to be signed

Draft Title: Authentication and Service Access in Device Communities

  • Keywords: (Semantics), Security, Authentication, Privacy, Access Control, Integrity
    • common authentication for all devices in your PAN
  • Privacy in Device Communities?
    • of services on device, authentication as a service,
    • hiding devices of the PAN (like a gateway with NAT)
  • seamless integration of authentication methods
    • device is creator of credentials
    • distribution (like Open Authentication)
    • one authentication method for universal access
  • Device as a service
    • all devices are accumulators (integrators) of various services
    • specific interworking between applications on that device, based on operative system (or application layer)
    • side remark: SIM, handset OS, application layer (like Nokia S60 architecture)


Chronological order

  • problem description (3 months)
  • M3-M6 device capability description, including I/O (display) interface
    • goal is service splitting
    • common authentication mechanism for devices of your PAN (body network (SIM), cable, NFC, wirelessUSB, Bluetooth, WLAN, (WiMAX, GPRS, UMTS, 3G) not biometrics)
  • M6-M12 draft functional architecture and detailed SOA
  • M13-M18 evaluation of concepts (idea)
  • M19-M24 implementation of ideas, refinement of architecture
  • M25-M30 evaluation of implementation, research papers (journal)
  • M31-M36 report and finalizing PhD
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