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How to create a good-looking A0 poster (on Windows, if you are using other OS, you should be able to interpret :-))


  • a good DTP program, I recommend CorelDRAW (de facto standard)
  • at least a normal (not laptop) monitor (in this case CRT is best, a good desktop TFT will do for us)
  • PostScript tools: Ghostscript and GSView for viewing PostScript files
  • a PostScript virtual printer (to create PS even if the original program does not want to) (Add new printer, a HP LJ XX PS will do, print to file)
  • some patience

How to start

  • think about, that this will be a 80cm*100cm poster, this is huge. People will look it from at least 2 meter.
  • all material put on a poster shall be vectorized by default, if not, the chance of a "pixelized" picture is great.
  • take your paper and select 10-15 good sentences, 3-4 good pictures
  • set up the environment (a "trial" version of Corel is obtainable from me or contact Drift to get one)

Creating the poster

  • Start Corel Draw
  • create a new document with A0 paper size
  • leave 1 inch around (this is optional, you can go out to the edge, since the printer is A0Oversize, but I like to have a margin all around)
  • imagine some layout. I think, that two columns and three rows are enough (at least two columns are required, nobody want's to read 80cm wide)
  • put the title on the top, the text should be clearly readable from 3-4m (you can try printing text on an A4 page and view it from several meters) to catch the eye of your audience.
  • put some info about yourself or the institute somewhere, don't forget the contact information.
  • start by putting some textboxes on the page
  • open your pictures (for example from .eps) and put them on the page.
  • try to fill out with text.
  • try to out around 50% picture/50% text, because then it will take too much to read with more text
  • print out an A4 draft to see, how nice it is :-), if it's OK from 40 cm, it will be OK as A0 from 2m
  • an example (my first poster, so it can be done better): Barcelona posterΔBarcelona poster in pdfΔ


  • print it into pdf (this is amateur, but CopyCat in Lillestr°m does not accept PostScript)
  • check the resolution from Acrobat (or GSView in case of PS), zoom to 800% or something, if still no pixels or just a little-bit, then it should be OK.
  • go to CopyCat, print it out
  • done
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Page last modified on September 04, 2007, at 10:40 AM EST