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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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Device community

The goal which I have in mind is to describe the "device community" in semantics, and finally create a "content manager" which keeps into account the connectivity of the user.

The current state is that protocols describing the devices are

  • CC/PP
  • UAProf
  • ??? (have forgotten, somebody mentioned a name to me)

The version 2.0 of these protocols have are based on semantic descriptions. Here is where I would like you to start

  • understand the protocols, advantages, ....
  • understand semantics
  • have ideas on how to include near-field communication (and WLAN/Wifi, Bluetooth,...) to these protocols

Second step would be to look for a communication infrastructure "context server", which keeps

  • how am I connected to services
  • which devices do I have
  • how can "proximity services" can be included
    • proximity services are services which appear to the user
    • examples are payment,
  • PhD-todo
  • Attach:Main/Secure.gif Δ To-do

future papers

Wellcom Semantic Access

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