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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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Roaming of advanced Telecom Services

  • Masteroppgaver på UniK
  • Institutt: UniK i samarbeid med Telenor


GSM, GPRS and UMTS romaing exists, but covers only communications. Roaming of advanced services such as location and presence is more difficult to realise, as it has to mediate between different implementations of the same service.


  • State-of-the art in roaming in wireless and mobile networks (Wifi, WiMAX, GSM, UMTS, GPRS) - this in itself is already a good task
  • Access to advanced Telecom services through OSA/Parlay/ParlayX
    • short overview OSA/Parlay/ParlayX
    • Interfaces and standards
  • Roaming strategies for advanced service delivery
  • Semantic annotations
    • WSMO intro
    • Semantics for advanced services
  • Test case: Real World Services (Mediation of ontologies)
    • Orange (TP, Poland)
    • Telenor (Norway)


Egnet som: Oppgavens omfang kan tilpasses

Kontaktperson: Josef Noll, , Tlf: 6484 4745, Mob: 9083 8066
Ole Østmo, Telenor Global Services

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