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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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The goal of the work in the WellCom project is to show the potential of the new TV experience. The new experience allows interactivity, community interaction and TV experience wherever you are, including mobile TV.

This part of the work demonstrates reduction of information. Users will have no chance of handling all the information present in future TV and STBs, thus the STB has to filter according to the user preferences. We demonstrate that when a user is in front of the STB, the content on the STB is filtered according to his preferences, and this filtered list is presented to him.

The home page for ITEA WellCom project is located at

Ongoing work

  • Semantic access: WellcomSemanticAccess, using semantics for personalisation of content, including script for video spot
  • STB implementations: Wellcom-STB, tips and hints for using the Pace set-top box
  • Masterthesis Ola WellComWP2, describing user and community profiles(?)
  • BenQ T80 NFC implemenation on BenQT80, using both NFC and Bluetooth on a Windows Mobile Platform



  • Innovation report (End January 2009)
  • D5.1 part 2, Requirement conformance matrix (due: April 2009)
  • D5.2 Personalisation (June 2009) - (ALU) - contribution
  • Flyer - lessons learned?
  • description of demo on the Wiki
UNIK participation in D3.3 and D5.1 and D2.2

WellCom Meetings


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