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WellCom Paris Meeting 19-20. Jan 2009

Personalisation workshop

user profile: user, roles, ....implemented specific solution

  • should follow content description (used TV anytime content description)
  • match content and user interest
  • how much you are interested is flagged through a value, e.g. 0.4 for soccer
  • suggest:


  • modelled as movie ontology, based on extension of TV-anytime
  • other information sources to be converted to the "Semantic TV-anytime"

Context information (not used by demo 1)

  • sitting in front of the TV: what is he watching - for picture in picture
  • availability, not available, bored
  • people around (group/community recommendation)

optional context information

  • what are you doing: working, running, ...,
  • date for type of selection: news in the morning
  • STB versus PC versus Mobile
  • at home/at work for reasoning on length o finromation

Semantic recommender

  • Tudor, based on rules (jena api), UNIK based on SWRL,
  • provides list of content (reduce amount of information)
  • advertisement selection
  • community recommender
  • based on common definitions from Movies


  • no abstract way of presenting them
  • very complex
  • currently: cosine operation, vector of user interest and vector of content description
  • no real alternatives (mathem. models even harder to implement)
  • CF engine, Univ of Oslo (Mark), used for policy management
  • API available for mid/end of February: send UserID in, get recommened content out

Specific demo 1 information

  • 200 channels, adding semantic information (.xml)
  • sorting of STB according to language and age
  • finally, Tudor recommender provides specific recommended stuff


  • D5.1 part 1, revision 2: should contain detailed description of demonstrations
  • Demo software description is available on the Wiki

Action items for UNIK

  • Innovation report (End January 2009)
  • D5.1 part 2, Requirement conformance matrix (due: April 2009)
  • D5.2 Personalisation (June 2009) - (ALU) - contribution
  • Flyer - lessons learned?
  • description of demo on the Wiki

Demo Paris

Pace Remote management

  • export parameters from STB (QoS...)
  • example: reboot STB (http, ssl, tls secured)
  • one-button ADSL checking, on-screen support
  • would allow remote user to access his home STB

DNLP 2.0 (?)

  • share content between boxes, based on UPnP
  • "detect automatically all other servers in the network"
  • works on STB and PS3, across routers
  • sharing between rooms, working already for Music, pictures, now also working on video
  • not supporting remote access (distributed homes for children)

Business open discussion

  • standardisation - make sure to work with existing standards
  • Synchronisation
  • Bluetooth costs some Euros extra, not implemented...
  • Application porting not possible to cover ever-changing phones
  • NFC with wireless
  • "We need broadcaster to promote functionality" (like Bluetooth)
  • NFC and home WiFi interworking
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