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Security and Mobility
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Oslo Meeting 22-23. Sep 2008 Action items - extension of 6 months - inform national authorities - plenary in January in Paris (Paris), - slides on the wiki - (presentation)... - D3.3 (sign up) and synchonization meeting - Josef: focus on innovation report -


  • Americo: apricot - Set-top box plugin to get 95% of all what a user watches is recorded based on only 15 recordings.
  • Implicit membership based on "membership value" due to watching content


  • Semantic browser based on .php on set-top box
  • based on age, language: filters french & english and age to allow services. Demographic filtering
  • focus on reducing content: from 500 to 150


  • Inference based on rules (semantic Web Jena API)
  • rules lead to filter content out, others to impact assessment of matching
  • and ontologies (RDFS)
Proximity of concepts, relations between concepts
  • Matching values calculations
  • Paper from movies project, to be published (distributed from Christoph) to calculate matching

Rule Engine

  • new one: RIFF


  • Web page on Ontologies - focus on "where are we in common"

Meeting at Telenor 10.1.2008


  • Agreement reached on using the Expway scenario with extensions for additional services
  • Common work to identity additional use cases for context dependent or personalised services
  • First step to identify technologies for demo implementation and requirements for devices

proposal preparation

ITEA WellCom meeting Paris, 07.03.2006

Project Timing

  • 15th of March 2006, short work plans in the different work packages, shall be sent to the partner in charge for the WP
  • +3 days: The WP leader has to compile the paper and send it to Nazim.
  • 22th March 2006, the first draft of the Outline
  • 28th March 2006, deadline for commenting the proposed Outline
  • 31th March 2006, final Project Outline
  • Deadline of Project Outline submission to ITEA: 7th April, 2006 Not Extendable!
  • Confirmation deadline for members 21th April, 2006
  • Deadline of full Project Proposal: 29th September 2006
  • Project start: late 2006 or early 2007



  • Univ. Evry
  • UniK
  • Henry Tudor Lux.


  • Alcatel Fr.
  • Euskatel
  • SES Astra
  • Tele2 Lux.
  • Philips Nl.
  • Philips Fr. (Semiconductor, Consumer electronics)

Input from Participiants

Euskatel: they provide phone, cable and Wlan services, they are interested in:

  • service creation environment -> it fits well to the service platform planned in WellCom
  • Business modelling for complex services -> WP1
  • Context avare services

Philips Semiconductor Fr.: they are very interested in Josef's proposal of including Bluetooth or NFC into their STB chipsets

  • better Bluetooth experience, pairing of BT devices with NFC -> fits excellently into our plans!
  • NFC pairing extended into WLAN and UWB environments

Philips Consumer Electronics: they will provide an STB with PVR and IPTV functionality.

  • They won't support BT, but will provide a well documented interface to connect for example an USB BT dongle.
  • They want videoconferencing service, HDTV

Expway: XML experts, middleware for content providers, multimedia metadata processing.

  • Electronic Program Guide, Electronic Service Guide and billing solutions
  • terminal profiling

Alcatel: Wireless connectivity between the terminal and the STB/gateway

Univ. of Paris LIP6 (Nazim): QoS, network management.

  • automatic network configuration

Tasks for UniK:

  • WP1: 4 lines about what we want to do in this project
  • WP2: UniK is in charge for WP2, this means, that the other participiants are sending their contributions to us, we have to compile the proposal from it.
  • WP4: we are interested in this, wireless client communication

UniK is in charge of task: Guest Identification

Nazim has all the presentations from the meeting, he promised to make them available online.

Comments from participiants:

  • we shall divide the possible customers into geek/normal user/beginner categories, I think, they shall be able to use the same services, but with different remote management levels
  • it is possible, that there will be a dutch consortium, but it depends on the financing


  • Presentations from Nazim,
  • ITEA blue book from the ITEA website.
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