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Master Thesis

Security and Mobility
UniK, Kjeller

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This script provides the guidelines for the video on preferred and personal content delivery.

Lessons learned:

  • tripod for the camera,
  • 2 cameras, 1 for content, 1 for overall picure
  • camera with external microphone?
  • text on Laptop "underneath the camera"
  • "Wellcome" - look into camera
  • subdivide into scenes, with clear "start & stop"
  • if showing something, give it time to let the video stabilize


  • iMovie working fine, importing file
  • video edit with audio overlay
  • export til Quicktime works fine on most machines, see "quicktime include" in Wiki
  • export to YouTube works only in "mobile mode", high resolution mode failed, manual upload of high resolution works


  • 3 phones: Bob, Alice, Katherine
  • STB (remote control) and LCD screen (301?) - we need to have good video quality
  • widescreen kamera from Oddvar Hallingstad
  • One person to explain (jostein?)
  • one person to be moderator (Kristin, Josef?)
What is happening Spoken text
Entry scene: Explaining what we have Josef: UNIK, University Graduate Center at Kjeller.
Working in the ITEA-WellCom project

Making life easier. So many programmes that you don't know what to look at. So what we do is to use the interest of the user and link it to the TV content.

Pace STB, mobile phones representing the users, and a TV showing the common interests

"what is really new?" Moderator: Introduce jostein

What is really new?

Bluetooth - communication and context catching
Semantics - linking together the user, her/his preferences, the content and the devices

STB capabilites

Menu Users

Moderator: okay, show us

"Okay, let me explain what happens if I switch on my TV"

  • TV will recognise that I'm in front of the TV
  • will show my content, my pictures, my music
  • will also show which programmes are of interest for me
TV Content
Moderator: ''okay, users--->life easier -----> content

Explain what is happening on the screen

Moderator closes

demonstrate with 3rd phone

what if more users joins/leaves?

than the content of the third person is shown. Bluetooth allows us up to 7 users

and how are you doing it?

we are using "Semantics", machine readable code

  • my interests are described preferrences
  • the capabilities of my phone are described - best possible user interface on the phone
  • the STB catches when I get close to the STB
  • a Semantic Reasoner "composes the content" based on common interests
Thanks Moderator Near field communication - touch and play
thanks for the this outview into the future

if you want more, visit the ITEA WellCom project

Description for YouTube upload (manual)

Presenting the next generation of interactive and personalised TV. Mobile phones are used for seamless login to a set-top box (STB) using Bluetooth. The STB collects information about all users being in front of the STB, collects their interest and sorts the electronic service guide (ESG) according to the user interests. Thus, if all users interested in a genre, this genre will be shown first.

We present:

  • the extension of the STB with Bluetooth and Near-field communication (NFC)
  • private content being displayed and played after seamless mobile phone based authentication ("we know who is sitting in front of the STB")
  • The electronic service guide (ESG) is sorted according to user interests. What most users like is displayed first.

The long version of the video, including the technical architecture and more details on the implemented solution is shown at:

Other video presentations from UNIK:

  • Near-field communication (NFC) for authentication and content access

The project is supported by the ITEA-WellCom project and the Norwegian Research Council (NFR). More information at

Interactive TV, user profiles, ESG, seamless authentication, personalised/personalized content, semantics, semantic reasoning, OWL-DL, Set-top box (STB), Bluetooth, Near-field communication (NFC), mobile phone, remote control, Nokia 6131, BenQ T80, Pace, ITEA, WellCom, UNIK, University Graduate Center, Kjeller Research, Kjeller, Norway, Norge, interaktiv TV, neste generasjons TV, personlig innhold, Josef Noll, Jostein Malde, Telenor, SES Astra, Alcatel Lucent, TF1, InOutTV,

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