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The main focus of my research is to ease communication. Communication between people, from devices to people and between devices. Imagine the future where the mobile phone will be able to record each word you ever said, keep track of each person you ever talked to and helps you in organisation of the boring things in of your life.

This future is right around the corner. Improvements in the IT industry will continue at the same speed at least until 2025 [Fettweis 2007]. Which will mean that mobile phones and music players will be able to do it all: "In 2012 an iPOD will be able to host all music you ever heard" [Arora 2007]. And it will not stop there. Already now most of the devices will have a computer inside and will be able to communicate: "The mobile phone will not be your only device. In a few years you will have 50 - 100 devices which will communicate" [Haugli 2007]. To ease communication between all these devices and the services on the devices is the goal of my research. I want a system that filters information for me and gives me an indication of what is fun or what is important, and of course reminds me to do the boring things I promised to do.

This research covers the following areas

  • understanding me and help me to sort out what is really important,
  • let all my devices communicate which each other without me spending hours on configuration.
  • find the services and combine them so that they make sense for me, and
  • adopt services to the situation I'm in.

These areas are presented in the following chapters in scientific terms

User profile, profiling and Identity Management

Keywords: user profile, semantics, IdM, decision making

The key challenges for user profiling is the adaptation to current interests of the user, context and inputs coming from the communities the user joins. A learning profile, which adopts from the usage of services, is the goal of this research. Current work is on the WWRF white paper "User profile/profiling", where we intend to summarize the various approaches performed in EU projects and elsewhere.

Related links on Identity, Personalisation, trust and security

Device and sensor communication

Keywords: Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, Mobile Services, device profiles

I see the Mobile phone as a central element in a network of devices and sensors. The main challenge which I like to address is the service availability, both in a local context but also in a remote context.

Related links to Near Field Communication (NFC)

  • see NFC/RFID-Tutorial given at the Eurescom Summit 2005
  • Current issues: Key distribution through NFC, used for opening office doors with the NFC phone (see RFID-Doorkeeper)

Related links to Bluetooth Sim Access Profile (SAP) and EAP/SIM

Context sensing

Keywords: Context, sensors, mood, feeling, information management

Service composition and adaptation

Keywords: semantic web services, service composition, mobile and semantic workflow

Related links to Service development, Semantic Web Services


The table summarises my research

*User*Digital IdentityPersonalisationTrust and Security
*NFC/RFID*NFCSIM-based applications 
*Device Identification*Bluetooth SAPNFC 
*Service Development*Semantic Web ServicesITS ServicesCar/Mobile Phone integration

other activities

Further information

Lab Equipment, Prototypes and Demonstrations

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