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Aksio - Active Knowledge Systems in Integrated Operations

The AKSIO project is developing a process-enabled knowledge management system to support operations of offshore oilfields. The system will provide timely and contextual knowledge for work processes. Experiences will be processed and annotated by experts and linked to various resources and specialist knowledge networks. AKSIO will allow discovery of experiences through the support of a domain ontology. Core functionality of the AKSIO system is provided by careful application of Semantic Web technology, including ontology-based annotation and contextual ontology driven retrieval of content.


  • Computas AS
  • UniK
  • Statoil ASA
  • IFE
  • NTNU

Papers and presentations

AKSIO presenation at the European Semantic Web Conference Budva, Monenegro, June, 2006 (.pdf) Δ
AKSIO submission to the European Semantic Web Conference 2006 in Montenegro (.pdf)Δ
AKSIO presentation at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose (CA), U.S.A, March 2006
AKSIO poster at the International Semantic Web Conference in Galway, Ireland, November 2006


Roar Fjellheim, UniK and Computas (project manager)?
David Norheim, UniK and Computas?

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