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Apache and PHP installation, following NSLU2 recommendation

Main reason: timeout could be changed to 120 sec., in order to deal with slow Linksys box


  - ipkg install unslung-feeds 
  -  ipkg update 
  - ipkg install php-apache (This will install PHP, Apache and all the other needed apps too) 
  -  Create a file called /etc/nsswitch.conf which contains this line: 
  hosts: files dns 

  - Restart your NSLU2 or restart the Apache server by typing this line: 
  /opt/etc/init.d/S80apache restart 

Now you're done.

Local changes Files are in /opt/etc/apache2, config files in the conf. directory Moved port to port 80 (Listen 80). All other linksys boxes listen to Apache 8000, in order not to confuse with the thttpd web server.

If you try to install Apache without doing the "unslung-feeds" step, chances are you will get an error like

ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for apache: openldap openldap

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Page last modified on May 31, 2005, at 11:16 PM EST