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Design Specifications for RFID Doorkeeper

Design is fixed - 5.5.2006

1. Steps involved in doorkeeper

  1. SMS from initiator or Applet from initiator
  2. check if recipient is registered in database
    1. if registered, start sending access codes
    2. if not registrered, send SMS back to initiator with message: User xxxxxxx is not registrered, send "RFID register name 90838066" to 2034. Then start with step 1 (send SMS with access rights again)
  3. actions shall be logged in a log file (Tomcat functionality?)

2. SMS design

SMS to 2034 "Rfid 90838066 120606 1200"
will provide user 90838066 access to all locks on 12.06.2006 from 1155-1300 (1 hour access)
SMS to 2034 "Rfid 90838066 L1 L2 L8 120606 1200"
will provide user 90838066 access to locks L1, L2 and L8 on 12.06.2006 from 1155-1300 (1 hour access)
"Rfid 90838066 L1 120606 1200 140606 1800"
will provide user 90838066 access from 12.06.2006 from 12:00h to 14.06.2006 18:00h
  • Specify the locks through an optional parameter: L1, L2, ..., (L0 for all locks)

2.1 Add user

SMS to 2034 "rfid reg Thomas 92427178"
also registers the mobilenumber in the "white list", but adds a name/reference for easier handling okay

2.2 Give access to a user

SMS to 2034 "rfid Thomas param[]"
we can use it, but name is *not* a unique identifier. there might be different Thomas registered to the user database. Only solution which I can see is to register different database entries related to the initiator, meaning:
  • Josef may have the following people with access: Kjell 9164xxxx, Trine xxxxxxxx
  • Thomas may have the following people with access: Haakon xxxxxxx, Josef xxxxxx
    However, you face the trouble that only one person can register access to a house. Otherwise you have to define a group of people ( _everyone living in Linjeveien 6_ ), and then register access entries to groups
  • House UniK, containing locks #1, #2, #3, administrered by: Josef, Gyorgy, Tuhta, giving access to: Kjell xxxx.xxxx
  • House Linjeveien 6, containing locks #1, administered by: Josef, Trine, giving access to:
  • House
    I suggest that Thomas comes up with a suggestion

Kjell: agree with Josef here, caller id will give unique identification of table to use.

:SMS to 2034 "rfid 92427178 param[]": you can use either name or number, as long as it's registered in the white list to give someone access. The parameters are described below.

2.2.1 Access from date/time

SMS to 2034 "rfid 92427178 160106 1200"
Josef: suggest to put a blank between date and time (clear to read, never use more than 4 digits (date with 6 digits is okay))
if param.length == 3 && param[0].length == 6 && param[1].length == 4 on form DDMMYY ttmm

Access from param[1] -5 min -> param[1] + 1 hour
SMS sent to guests mobile application: 16010611551601061300 + EC*

This sends access to mobilephone 92427178, and gives access from 16.01.06 12:00 (-5min) to 16.01.06 13.00 1 hour is preset as a default, but may be changed. The "rfid" triggerword disappears from the message at PATS so param[1] is really 1601061200 in the above example.

2.2.2 Access from date/time to date/time

SMS to 2034 "rfid 92427178 160506 1200 160606 1600"
if param.length == 3 && param[0].length == 10 : DDMMYYTTTT and param[1].length == 10 : DDMMYYTTTT
Access from param[0] -5 min -> param[1]
SMS sent to guests mobile application: 16050611551606061600 + EC
Josef: see comments to 2.2.1, needs update of parameters

2.2.3 Access on a specific date

SMS to 2034 "rfid 92427178 160506" if param.length == 2 && param[0].length == 6 : DDMMYY

	Access from param[0] 00:00 -> param[0] 23:59

SMS sent to guests mobile application: 16050600001605062359 + EC

2.2.4 General access

SMS to 2034 "rfid 92427178 AA" if param.length == 2 && param[0].toUpper().equals("AA")

	Access from NOW to NOW + 1 year

SMS sent to guests mobile application: 2404060002404070000 + EC

2.2.5 Interval access (based on weekdays)

SMS to 2034 "rfid 92427178 1234 1200 1600" if param.length == 4 && param[0].length<8 && param[0].length>0 && param[1].length == 4 : TTTT && param[2] == 4 : TTTT

	Access Mon - Fri from 1200 to 1600 each day

SMS sent to guests mobile application: Master/MTWH12001600 + EC

 *=escape character

 Mon	M, 
 Tues	T, 
 Wed	W, 
 Thur	H, 
 Fri	F, 
 Sat	S, 
 Sun	U, 

Kjell: Regarding the messages sendt to guest mobile to be interpreted by a J2ME appl. there. I suggest that the midlet just stores the message "as is" on the Mifare emulation area on the Master/SmartMX chip and leaves it to the reader in the door-lock to interpret it. Eases the development and makes it easier to make changes in the format later on as no changes would be neccessary to the midlet application.
As for format to use when writing to the Mifare memory I am inclined to prefer a format based on Philips MAD (see format or by extending Nokias NTIP format with a new "record type" for the key-lock application, rather than just write the content somewhere in the memory.

3. Tomcat Applet

The Tomcat applet will have the same functionality as SMS, and is available at:

4. Register of new users

If the mobile is not registered, send SMS to initiator (see chapter 2.1)

5. Send applets to Mobile

To send applets or MIDlet (J2ME application for mobile phone etc.) to a mobile phone you'll need to do one of the following:

  • -Use a serial or USB cabel to connect the mobile phone and copy the midlet to the phone from the harddrive or internet.

For the 3220 you'll need drivers and Nokia PC Suite which can be obtained at Thomas has a USB cable for the 3220.

  • -OTA (over the air provisioning, meaning you request or is requested to download software via GPRS/3G. You'll need to contact PATS (, a telephone company etc for this.
  • -Memory card/memory stick functionality in the mobile phone.

6. Check access on a PC

Show a short demo on a PC

  • which phones are supported (Nokia 3220)?
    • currently only the Nokia 3220 is supported (and will probably be for the demo). The API (Nokia Master/SmartCard Developement Kit) probably only supports Nokia brand phones and I think 3220 is the only current NFC & smartMx phone.
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