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ePerSpace WP3 reporting

Service Name

Access to private data


The service: "access to private data" will be available in the home and from elsewhere with an Internet connection. Main goal is to demonstrate the access to private data, esp. the picture catalogue, indenpendent of devices and networks.

Functionality/Development steps

By 7.2.2006, we will have

  • a working gallery with albums
  • using seamless authentication (WAP) or username/passwd
  • Metadata support for name, album, description
  • mobile interface for one type of phone (Nokia 6600 and all with similar screen size)

Later stages

  • search,
  • extended metadata (size, technical parameters like aperture, exposition time)

Other planned functionality

  • find a specific photo in a photo collection (_see search_)
  • present a non-prearranged slideshow based on user desires like category, event, and keyword search
  • present the photos accompanied by associated metadata such as title, description, capture date, etc.
  • present the photos adapted to terminal capabilities
  • access the photos from home and elsewhere

Architecture - Elements involved

  • OSGi bundle which provides access to picture directories. The bundle allows the display in different sizes, depending on the screen size of the use device.
  • WAP 2.0, UAProfile: x-user-profile;

  • Wurfl: XML database and programming in (Java, PHP, C++ stb).
  • Inclusion in "service offer" from ePS service platform. (who?)

Josef to Pierre: Please provide some input about your "if -- endif" structures. What do you want to see?


Responsible: Torvald Konstali, supported by Erzsebet Somogyi

Design ActionWhoWhenStatus
Establish picture databaseErzsebet10.12.done
Establish OSGi picture bundelErzsebet31.12.under work
Enhance the UPnP control point to look for the ” xml-type2_1.xml” file in the “photo” directory.   
service adoptable to user profiles (from elsewhere)Erzsebet using seamless authentication from WAP gateway - or after username/password, if authentication from WAP gateway is not present
service adoptable to user profiles (from in-house)  not planned
service adoptable to terminal capabilitiesErzsebet7.2.2006using Opera Browser
service adoptable to terminal capabilitiesErzsebet7.2.2006done for Nokia 6600
Inclusion of OSGi bundle in ePS platformFT/TID? Pierre, give us a hint  


  • Who is porting the OSGi bundle to be interfaced with the rest of the platform?
  • Access to user profile not planned (manpower?)
  • Access to seamless authentication (from elsewhere) - working with WAP gateway authentication - done. Provides x-nokia-alias and x-nokia-type (user id and terminal type). We have not tested it from foreign countries.

List of AC

9.12.Principles explained
??Torvald, when is next?

List of AP


Contact information:

  • Torvald Konstali, , Mob: 9110 2081
  • Erzsebet Somogyi, , Tlf: +4797415530
  • Josef Noll, Email: , Tlf: +47 6484 4745, Mob: +47 9083 8066
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