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The Research Title: Agents on the Semantic Web – a roadmap to the future

JosefNoll: I suggest to use another terminology than 'roadmap', as roadmap does not indicate own work. Perhaps: supporting the user

ErikLillevold: Yes, you are right. What do you think of Agents on the Semantic Web – the next generation Web browsers

Student: Erik Lillevold

Research plan

  • Originally Agreed PhD Proposal

A proposal with the working title "The impact of Mobility on Service Oriented Architecture" was approved by the MN Faculty in UiO 24.03.2006. This includes three university courses that were also accepted as theoretical syllabus for the thesis. However, my work on PhD and related work since then has slightly changed the scope of work and caused a change of title of the PhD to better suit the content (see above). The methology for the initialy work on the thesis was traditional with first scetcing a TOC and then filling in the text. However, this did not seem to be satisfactory for achieving the goals I wanted to obtain for my work on the thesis. The unfinished result on the work is found in Draft-May 2006.

  • New approach to my PhD

In this approach I will use a methology that follows the development of the three major areas in the development of the future Web ( see figure below).

Working method (the up-side down pyramid)

I want use this method to work systematically towards my PhD. I start from a very high level of arial view, named "20 000 feet" outlook in first half of 2006. Step-by-step, I will get closer to the target. The second aerial view is "10 000 feet" outlook described in the second half of 2006. This will be a closer and more detailed view of the technologies expected to be the cornerstones in the next generation Web.

The main purpose of this approach is to use it as a helping facility when discussing my PhD work progression with the supervisors and perhaps others who are interested in my work.

Current status of my PhD:

PhD progress meetings with supervisors:

PhD related publications

  1. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, Roadmap to Semantic Telematics Web ServicesΔ in Reich ua. Semantic Content Engineering, Schriftenreihe Informatik, Band 17, Trauner Verlag, pp. 51-64, ISBN 3-85487-979-2
  2. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, Roadmap to ASG based Semantic Web ServicesΔ, Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services 2006" ICIW 23-25.Feb 2006, Gosier, Guadeloupe, 19.-25.2.2006, (paperΔ, presentation Δ), ISBN 0-7695-2522-9
  3. 6th IEEE International Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks - Berlin. May 29-31, 2006 \\ Attach:ASWN2006-FINAL.pdf Δ (I thought this one was rejected, thus we can't list it here)
  4. Advances in Service Platform Technologies for Next Generation Mobile Systems, December 31 2005 Attach:200512CommMag-EnablingSemantics-Noll.pdf Δ, submitted
  5. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, "Applying Semantic Web Technologies for mobile communicationsΔ", Proceedings of the WWRF #15 meeting, Paris, 8.-9.12.2005
  6. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, Roadmap to Semantic Telematics Web ServicesΔ, Proceedings of Semantics 2005 "Semantic Systems in the Knowledge Society", 23.-25.12.2005, TechGate, Vienna

Upcoming courses

  • UNIK4640 Semantisk teknologi
  • UNIK4270 Security in Operation Systems and Software
  • UNIK4290 Mobility in the Internet

Related work

  • At UniK
    • Semantic Web Services
    • Others
  • Elsewhere
    • Others


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