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Seamless Home Content Access


Our content gets digital, and most of it will be stored on a home network storage device (e.g. Personal Video Recorder). When being "on the move", you would still like to access your content (photo, film, music) from your home server. This study shall realise the seamless access to the home content through mobile phone authentication.


  • Document mobile phone authentication in the data world
  • Evaluate potential methods for seamless authentication
  • Adjust Telenor Mobils authentication tool for seamless access to home content
  • Implement on a Web server


  • NSLU2 Web server implementation (reduced Linux)
  • Handling of access rights on home server
  • Picture catalogue with Metadata
  • Streaming of music (e.g. iTunes)

Forutsetninger: Evne til å lære om WAP, html, authentication

Egnet som: Size can be adjusted, best to work in a team of 2-3 people

Kontaktperson: Josef Noll, , Tlf: 6484 4745, Mob: 9083 8066, (Lena, Torvald, Juan Carlos, Kjell, Kristin T., Bjørn Harald Pedersen, Telenor Networks?)\\ Telenor Mobil: Claes Åge Johansen, 9706 4254, teknisk spørsmål WAP gateway

Detailed structure


Part A: Access to home picture information through metadata

Prototype architecture and functionality

  • Scenario for home access (from ePerSpace)
  • Home content storage and access
    • state-of-the-art
    • The ePerSpace approach
    • Picture storage on Linksys NSLU-2
    • Metadata extraction, storage and access
  • Access to home data
    • PC access from outside the home
    • Smartphone access from outside the home
    • Seamless access through SIM authentication (EAP-SIM, Bluetooth SAP profile, key exchange)

(* Evaluation of access themes

  • username/password
  • seamless login based SIM credentials)
  • Prototype architecture

Implementation and Prototype

  • Smartphone based seamless access
    • WEB pages access based on SIM authentication in WAP gateway
    • Seamless access to home content, here: installation of authentication script
  • Access to picture metadata
    • Smartphone access GUI
    • Picture selection and display

Conclusions and Recommmendations Optional:

  • PC and SIM exchange of data through SIM profile.

Part B: Security issues in seamless home access

open for Master Thesis

This part will establish an architecture for seamless home access, and will evaluate the different solutions with focus on security

  • Overview types of home access, e.g. admittance, electronic access, device access
  • Potential architectures for Home Content access from abroad
    • Smartphone access based on SIM authentication
    • (RF)ID based authentication based on SIM stored username/password
    • PC based access with username/password
    • PC based access through Mobile Phone presence, NFC or EAP-SIM
  • Security in Seamless home content access
    • Evaluation of security schemes


  • Application specific key implementation in the Mobile phone
    • "how can such a key be constructed"
    • "how to write a key to the phone"
  • Demonstration of access for password/SIM card based authentication
    • access of SIM information from an authentication platform


  • Ola Høiby, , 9091 3293

List of References

Categories:SIM, Identity, Mobile Services, Future TV

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