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How to use RFID key

Using SMS from Telenor telefon

  • sms 2034 "rfid 90025643 L9 290506 1110 290506 1115"
  • sms 2034 "rfid 97198412 L9 300806 1400" - Josef's 2nd sim card
    • demo til NFC phone
    • phone 9002564 receives 2 messages, info and accept
  • see DesignSpecification

register a person

  • SMS 2034 "rfid reg Kjell 91800651"
  • sms 2034 "rfid reg nokianfc 90025643"

delete queries in SQL database

  • open MySQL Query Browser
  • login as: root, pass: 2mmy10ger
  • SQL delete query: "delete from access where tlf="90025643";"

using Web interface, remote access to

How to install RFID key

part of distribution

Distribution is in "RFID KeyΔ", and contains three directories

  • Java - programm source
  • ipcsc - contains API for java, part of class path
  • SDIo10-SCR331DI - drivers for USB smartcard reader


Installation of drivers and programs (see Master/FramKino)

  • Install c:\RFID
  • Install driver, current version: SCR331, v4.35
  • Copy jpcsc.dll from jpcsc\bin\win32 to windows\system32 cd \RFID\rfidkey\jpcsc\bin\win32 copy jpcsc.dll c:\windows\system32
    • install both USB Contactless, and USB driver
    • plugSCR331 into USB
    • Demo programs for "welcome", using Demo SCR 331 (.zip)Δ

Java v1.4.2 (tested)

  • cmd, test if java is installed: "java -version" cmd java -version
  • go to directory c: cd \RFID\rfidkey\Java\NFCLock2\dist

Run RFID key programme, needs update of java_home

  • check java version and put the parts accordingly, check that your are in right 'dist' directory
 set javahome=c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_08
 java -classpath "`NFCLock2.jar;C:\RFID\rfidkey\jpcsc\bin\jpcsc.jar;." nfclock2.Main
  set javahome=c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_08
  java -classpath "NFCLock2.jar;C:\RFID\rfidkey\jpcsc\bin\jpcsc.jar;." nfclock2.Main

What if things don't work - FAQ

  • Don't find smartcard
    • Run: c:\rfid\rfidkey\pcscdiag\PCscdiag.exe
    • ControlPanel = System = update drivers
  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError com/linuxnet/jpcsc/PCSC
    • Smartcard not found, see solution above - if smartcard reader works,
  • "not connected to cover" på 3220
    • take of cover and put in place again
    • start SCManagement to check if connected
  • "not a valid Smartcard: 6F00"
    • take of cover and place on again
    • if everything fails, reset SmartMX application using: Eclipse with JCOP tools,, download Eclipse from IBM,
  • check that Rfid appl. is running(sms handling)
    • VPN to Unik
    • log on to Pats1
    • check that an cmd window is running with the title: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe - startup.bat
    • if not, Start -> run type: cmd
    • go to C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\Rfid
    • run startup.bat
  • if service on is not working
  • Eclipse/Jcopp is not installed
  • 6F00 error on the phone


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Page last modified on September 04, 2007, at 12:34 PM EST