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Install DokuWiki (this tool)

ftp dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz to /opt/apache on Linksys

  • cd /opt/apache
  • tar -xzvf /path/to/downloaded/dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz
  • rename the directory if you like
  • mv dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD dokuwiki
  • touch dokuwiki/changes.log % Create an empty logfile

Set up the correct permissions. Usually the webserver runs as a unprivileged user eg nobody or www-data. The webserver needs to be able to write to some files and directories

  • chown nobody dokuwiki/changes.log
  • chown -R nobody dokuwiki/data
  • chown -R nobody dokuwiki/media
  • chown -R nobody dokuwiki/attic

Changes to Wiki config file

  • vi dokuwiki/conf/dokuwiki.php % changes according to user password
  • create dokuwiki/conf/local.php let user create password.
  • Test file: dokuwiki/doku.php

New directory: /opt/www/www2 contains DokuWiki. I tried to use dokuwiki directory, but only got Apache error messages. Reason is the .htaccess file, which does not work "as is".

ACL authentication, access rights and multiple users !

Change config file !!

Enable useacl was only change to be done. I also changed defaultgroup to everyone, in order to have upload access. For registered users whom I accept I add the group users, which will then give write access. <code> /* Authentication Options */ $conf['useacl'] = 1; ''Use Access Control Lists to restrict $conf['openregister']= 1; ''Should users to be allowed to registe $conf['authtype'] = 'plain'; ''which authentication DB should be use $conf['defaultgroup']= 'everyone'; ''Default groups new Users are adde </code>

Implemented user defined password


The user can register and login to the DokuWiki, and create his own password. These passwds are used in users.auth. Use the following commands to establish identifications, and find the modified conf and inc files below. <code> cd conf cp acl.auth.dist acl.auth cp users.auth.dist users.auth </code>

Enables restricted access

Changed ./conf/acl.auth file to include <code>

  1. here: group users have full access
  2. group admin has full access
  3. group all can only read
  • @users 255
  • @admin 255
  • @ALL 1


Here comes the full example of who has write access <code>

  • @ALL 1
  • @users 8
  • admin 255

start @ALL 1 start admin 2 unik:* @ALL 0 unik:* admin 255 unik:* josefnoll 255 unik:* @unik 8 lol:* @ALL 1 lol:* @lol 255 pc:* @ALL 1 pc:* @users 255 </code> Are the admin entries in that table supposed to be missing the @ symbol? I found that I needed them for it to work correctly. I believe that the lack of @ symbol means that it’s the admin user, not members of an admin group.

Lets go through it line by line:

  - This sets permission for the main namespace. Allowing everybody to edit and create pages. However upload is not allowed.
  - The user admin is allowed to do everything.
  - *                     @users      8, registered users can read, write, upload
  - The permissions for the start page are restricted to readonly for everyone
  - Of course the admin may edit the start page
  - unik:*               @ALL        0, nobody can do anything
  - unik:*               admin       255, admin has full access
  - unik:*               josefnoll   255, user josefnoll has also full access
  - unik:*               @unik      8, group members unik have read, write, create access
  - lol:*                @ALL        1, all have read access
  - lol:*                @lol        255, only lol group members have write access
  - pc:*                 @ALL        1, all have read access
  - pc:*                 @users      255, only 'users' have write access

Here are the files with my updates

change to the dokuwiki directory (here: ./www2) and untar the attached files in order to allow password authentication from users. Use command tar –zvxf dokuwikixxxx.tar.gz to generate files in the directories conf and inc.

Files: {{dokuwikiconf.tar.gz}}, {{dokuwikiinc.tar.gz}}


There are three .htaccess files in the dokuwiki installation: ./htaccess, ./data/.htaccess, ./media/.htaccess and ./conf/.htaccess. I encountered problems with the main ./htaccess file, which prevented Wiki to start. After I commented out all the lines it worked.

./data/.htaccess modifications <code> AuthName "Restricted, config files" AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /share/hdd/conf/passwd

  1. require valid-user

require group users administrators root </code>

More information

Josef Noll 25.02.2005 12:30

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