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Documentation for Linksys NSLU2 at =====

Modifications to the Linksys NSLU2 =====

Summary ===

  • installed the unslung SW straigt forward procedure, very easy! just following what was described in: I installed the 3.18beta version, just disconnected the disks (switch off, remove disks, switch on), then run firmware upgrade
  • Tips how to connect PC and Linksys. Network connection through router failed, used hub between PC and NSLU2. Command line access worked.
  • Recommenation: just run the 3.18 upgrade
  • How to changed root passwd % important, otherwise you'll have problems in installing the various packages, see also LinuxPasswd for support of all users to login
  • open firewall ports in router
    • Port 22 for SSH connection and FileZilla ftp access (works fine from outside firewall)
    • Port 80 for http
    • Port 443 for https
    • Port 3689 for mt-daapd/iTunes streaming (could not get it working yet)

installed packages ==

installed packages: openssh, openssl, inetutils (not sure that you will need it), mt-daapd (iTunes), ntpclient (for HWclock update?) how to install packages?

What else is installed ====

installed SW tools on PC (to allow access from outside) ==

  • putty % ssh shell for command access to Linksys box
  • FileZilla % secure ftp access to Linksys box

What needs to be done: ====

  • get iTunes working iTunesInstallation - //disabled: try to use as little processes as possible//
  • install email server, envisaged is qmail //not sure that I will do so, due to capacity and spam problems //
  • install shadow passwd file (//not sure, can't judge the need//)
  • install picture server for upload, e.g. AIRTIGHT SimpleViewer, Signapore, or ImageMagick-6.1.7?
  • //done:// get ”all users” working from external access, currently only root works (still thinking if I should allow an ftp access for incoming documents)
  • done, just changed /etc/passwd file with /home/lol (logical link to /share/hdd/data/lol) and /bin/sh, see LinuxPasswd for explanation
  • //done:// UserName login to DocuWiki. See: installingdocuwiki?
  • //done:// WEB page and change of port between admin (new: 8080) and www (port: 80). Two Web servers running: /usr/sbin/thttpd -C /etc/thttpd.conf listens to port 8080, while /opt/apache/bin/apachectl start with config file in /opt/apache/conf/httpd.conf listens to port 80.
  • HowToInstallPHP? in appWeb (did not work due to missing precompiled files), changed to Apache Web server with precompiled php. Note: no MySQL, probably too heavy
  • Error (time-out) when performing index and search operations. Don't know where the 30 sec time limit is set.
  • Perform backup of DokuWiki needs the standard tar command with --except option. Not available on Linksys, neither 'seq' command. Also not in romfs.tar.gz command from the NSLU2 Yahoo expert mailing list. file: {{romfs.tar.gz}} in /opt/share.
    //Solution//: Created an own backup script: backup-wiki. Still needs to be added to the "daily" routine jobs

Other items ====

  • Automatic update from an operator
  • "pull" request for new pakcages

other help ====

{{apache_pb.jpg}} {{linux-unslung-med-trans.jpg}} //Josef Noll 09.03.2005 19:56//

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Page last modified on May 31, 2005, at 08:44 PM EST