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Master's Thesis of Erzsebet

Proposal in pdf format: MasterThesisErzsebet.pdfΔ

Mobile Access to structured Home Content


The private home is the place where broadband services will be generated and used. Consumer electronics as e.g. camera, personal data recorder, home control and surveillance systems generate digital data, which are currently stored in distributed systems (typical PC). Customers require wireless access to their digital content, thus expect the content to be available from every device and every place, inside or outside the house.

The thesis shall provide components of a potential future home infrastructure, focussing on structured content and seamless access to this content.

The detailed tasks are

  • To evaluate potential home infrastructures, beering in mind the chances of becoming a mass market product?
    • To identify the type of services, and the service criteria, e.g. easy to use
    • To identify other requirements, as e.g. remote management
  • To provide principle architecture examples for home solutions, addressing different user requirements
  • To provide examples of technologies providing the services and infrastructure suggested earlier
  • To prototype a structured content and seamless access

The prototypical work shall

  • Contain a Mediaserver with picture information and Web interface,
    • Stores separate picture information, preferably XML based
    • Enables search mechanisms for picture access
    • Includes ability of adding Information to photos (xml data files)
  • Create a GUI as Web interface on mobile phone to access content
    • Picture galleri provides a Web interface
    • Access through WAP interface from mobile phones
  • Demonstrate seamless authentication through device based authentication (in cooperation with Master Thesis from Ola Høiby)
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