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Master's Thesis of Gyorgy

Proposal in pdf format: MasterThesisGyorgy.pdfΔ

Remote management of applications on home media server


The private home is the place where broadband services will be generated and used. While Early Adapters will handle the home system on their own, the majority of the customer would like to have a hazzle-free environment at home. Maintenance and service set-up is left to a service provider. This service provider needs to establish remotely controlled applications on the home infrastructure of the customer. Typical applications are storage of digital content, home surveillance and home automatisation.


The thesis shall provide a prototype of a potential future home infrastructure, focussing on remote set-up and management of applications on the home server.

The detailed tasks are

  • To evaluate potential home infrastructures, beering in mind the chances of becoming a mass market product?
    • To identify the type of services, and the service criteria, e.g. easy to use
    • To identify other requirements, as e.g. remote management
  • To provide principle architecture examples for home solutions, addressing different user requirements
  • To provide examples of technologies providing the services and infrastructure suggested earlier

Focus will be on the prototypical implementation of set-up and management of home applications, in detail:

  • Establish and evaluate a list of potential home applications
    • Access to picture galleri
    • Music storage and access, e.g. privat iTunes server/Internet radio
    • PC-backup, Home data backup, Mobile Phone backup
    • Web camera, broadband home surveillance,
    • Web/Wap/SMS/email notification/mangement of home infrastructure status
  • Establish a short state-of-the-art review of potential technologies for the home equipment, e.g. Residential gateway, Media Center, NSLU2, Eden PC
  • Prototype the a limited set of services for a representative home
    • Describe a potential home setup
    • Provide a Customer interface for service selection
    • Realise a remote management of "application selection and set-up"
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