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    * 1 How to?
    * 2 Wishlist
          o 2.1 Examples of ask and Categories
                + 2.1.1 done
          o 2.2 Other info

[edit] How to?

    * Create Paper or Publication entry using a template is working? Same for user (add a person) through a template.
    * List of Papers and People on hangs. related to mb_strlen() function in php
    * include pages (sections) into other sections?
    * how to change left navigation pane?, MediaWiki:Sidebar (only adminstrator can do it),
          o Follow this link: MediaWiki:Sidebar and click edit

You have to write it in this form: <Text>|<page_to_link_to> Should be administrators only due to security reasons

    * The <nowiki> tag works. But doesn't show linebreaks. 

[edit] Wishlist

    * Explain difference between Josef Noll and User:Josef Noll? And link the right template for an UniK user to the help papges.
    * Get the links on "help page" working. Suggest that the links from Help:Contents go towards the real mediawiki help pages
    * Josef: "my preferences" hangs, see My preferences
    * Josef to become WikiAdmin or SysOp
    * Understand how databases (rdf) are updated (tips?)
    * Enabling ontology import from [1], done through RDF-api installation: [2] 

    * Customize Wiki Settings: [3] 

[edit] Examples of ask and Categories

    * Documentation: [4] 

> > > I guess the Semantic MediaWiki extensions might be able to realise > > > what you have in mind. You would add a Category:Issue? to each > > > page and a status:=open? or status:=pending? or > > > status:=closed?. On the main page you can > > > <ask>Category:Issue?status:=open?</ask> > > > to get a list of open issues. > >

Status(10.Jan2007): Mediawiki kjrer med SemanticWiki. SemanticWiki er fortsatt i beta (0.5 tror jeg), s templates og lignende du laster ned fra *where-ever* m tilpasses eller mer funksjonalitet m installeres p mediawiki.unik.

Noe av problemet med at templates og 'ask' gir blanke sider ligger i at man m "hacke" mediawiki-engine php filer direkte, ikke oppsett filene. Dette er beskrevet i installasjonsfilene. Jeg har ikke funnet ut hvorfor 'ask' ikke virker. [edit] done

    * Edit FOAF import, Admin rights to edit MediaWiki:Smw_import_foaf, see: [5] 

    * Semantic Wiki Extensions, see SMW_LocalSettings.php: 
  1. Set the following value to "true" if you want to enable support # for semantic annotations within templates. For the moment, this # will only work after a minor change in your MediaWiki files -- # see INSTALL for details. ## $smwgEnableTemplateSupport = false;
    * Paser Functions are installed (//not tested//), see Semantic Wiki extensions 

[edit] Other info

    * Admin Handbook 

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