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Summery: Mobile communication onboard aircraft has received a lot of attention in recent years, and earlier this year the first commercial systems were launched. The presentation will include the following topics:

-System description

-Technical challenges

-Regulatory challenges

-Market situation and status


  • ARINC: 2nd largest communication provider to airline industry,

global presence

  • Telenor: 10th largest mobile carrier in the world
  • Norge: 4 personer, regulatoriske forhold, grounding,...
  • USA: ikke tale på fly, bakkebasert data nett


  • GSM 1800 operational, WCDMA upcoming
  • connected to Inmarsat Satellite link (using Inmarsat Satellite and
  • Goal: 2000 fly innen 10 år
  • BTSRFU (base), satellite gateway med satcom bearer towards Inmarsat


  • Satellite gateway (Eik, California), local VLR og MSC in Grimstad
  • on/off operation: 3000 m is min height (basisstasjon kan , 5000 m is

operational height)

  • alle mobile ringer med 0 dBm, basisstasjon med 100 mW på fly
  • distribution with leakage cable

Regulatory & Customers

  • GSM agreements
  • Regulatory Status, focus on Europe & Asia,
  • Emirates, Turkish Airline, Malaysian Airline, Saudi Airlines, Virgin


  • Competition: Onair (Air France, Ryanair), T-Mobile (Lufthansa)
  • Registreringsland er ansvarlig for internasjonalt traffik
  • 2 1/2 - 3 US$/min expected price, expected 50-60 fly/year
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