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My PHP testing

This work is on dynamci PHP pages and especially home pages

What works (and does not)

  • upload_files.html works just nice, uploading files to directory
  • post_reply.php allows to post a comment (not email sent, just comment) - shall be used to generate "log"
  • Comments and variables to php files, examples: ud01, ud07 and ud09. need variable declaration in .php file $w1 = $_POST["w1"]; (not done in .php tutorial). See: {{}} with .php and .htm file
  • array declaration <code>$salaries["Bob"] = 2000;

$salaries["Sally"] = 4000; echo "Bob is being paid - $" . $salaries["Bob"] . "<br />"; echo "Clare is being paid - $" . $salaries["Clare"]; </code>

Dynamic PHP pages

Example: ./hbarsel/index.php uses array for input commands, and creates a dynamic WEB page

good examples % tutorial with ud01xxx examples, small mistakes % original which provided file upload % forms in html and corresponding php

some html stuff to remember

  • Icon file in page link: <link REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="icons/germany.gif" type="image/ico">
  • line break with <br />
  • preformatted html <pre> </pre>
  • comments: <! here comes the commen >
  • coulours on WEB pages:
  • inline pictures are created by <code> <img src="sunset.gif" align="right">

The image will appear along the...isn't it? </p> </code>

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Page last modified on May 31, 2005, at 11:11 PM EST