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Notes from Meeting on "Home", 12.10.2005

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Kristin - Meeting the customer at home

  • difference home - house
  • Home: emosjonelt, subjectiv, psykisk menisgsfull helhet
  • House: Functional - has not changed the last 100 years
  • difference between rational explanation for media and usage (emotional)
  • houses get more complex, need simplified technology
  • After entrance of TV, room changed towards TV centric

Changes in today's life

  • living has changed, technology is increased
  • the home office has moved into living room
  • home cinema is on the way

At home?

  • be at home, but: work, contact doctor, deliver documents
  • broadband arises fast (now up to 60%), following DVD (steep increase from 25% in 2002 to 65 % in 2004)
  • Wireless home, personla terminals, local storage and Internet as Content, functional
  • "Home and Familie is the focus"

Pål - Multimedia and home

  • HDTV is putting more pressure to home infrastructure (TV, recorder, broadband)
  • Media conversion (stream to all devices) is a challenge
  • All content is becoming digital
  • All-IP is finally happening
  • "The battle for the digital home" is going on, broadband is going to be pushed from home
  • Alcatel: CCB - customer centric broadband

Reactions, open issues

  • Mobility in TV Broadcast, enabled through Conax and
  • TV will move from family TV to personal card
  • Digital regime: No possibility to look at different shows on different TVs (place for the mobile)
  • "need time to process information"
  • DRM, how can that be handled
  • Web2.0, will that take away the need for home storage
  • SIM card has great potential for service access
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