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Content of Master Thesis

Seamless Access to Home Content

Prototype architecture and functionality

  • Scenario for home access (from
  • Home content storage and access
    • state-of-the-art
    • The ePerSpace approach
    • Picture storage on Linksys NSLU-2 (,
    • Metadata extraction, storage and access (Torvald)
  • Access to home data
    • PC access from outside the home
    • Smartphone access from outside the home
    • Seamless access through SIM authentication
  • Evaluation of access themes
    • username/password
    • seamless login based SIM credentials
  • GSM/GPRS authentication
    • Authentication architecture
    • Potential for login based on IMSI, Mobilnr and IP-address
  • Prototype architecture

Implementation and Prototype

  • Smartphone based seamless access
    • WEB pages access based on SIM authentication in WAP gateway
    • Seamless access to home content, here: installation of authentication script
  • Access to picture metadata
    • Smartphone access GUI
    • Picture selection and display
  • Conclusions and Recommmendations


  • PC and SIM exchange of data through SAP (SIM access) profile.
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