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Masteroppgaver på UniK

Institutt: UniK i samarbeid med Telenor

The Mobile Phone as Doorkeeper - Mobile Phone Implementation

The mobile phone has already communication capabilities in close range and long range (Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM/SMS). Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) opens for short range communication, and thus for applications which today use contactless cards or keys.

The application we envisage is the SMS doorkeeper:

  • send an SMS to somebody who is going to visit you
  • SMS is installed and communicates with RFID in the phone
  • Home server gets information about "access right", and allows access when the person authenticates himself at the door.
  • Optional: The owner of the house receives an SMS "somebody has entered"

Example: Send SMS to plummer with access authentication "friday from 0700 to 1200"


  • Establish architecture with all components, esp. with respect to scaling issues
  • HomeServer: Install SMS based authentication with access rights, potential architecture for additional home services
  • Telecom service platform: Establish SMS send functionality (might be dummy)
  • Mobile: SMS communication with SIM card
  • RFID/NFC: Information security and information storage on RFID. Access different information depending on service provider (e.g. Oslo sporveien: a) monthly ticket, b) payment to Narvesen)
  • Optional: Implement solution on Linux based Linksys NSLU2
  • Risk & Security analysis: What are the risks and vulnerabilities in the concept, how to deal with them.
  • Port RFID reader software to Linux (suitable?)

Detailed tasks

This part will have the major focus on the mobile phone functionality in the prototype.

  • Describe potential access to the home, e.g. admittance, electronic access, device access
  • Establish a functional architecture for SMS based home access, based on
    • current work in the NFC forum
    • SIM based key distribution
    • Mobile phone functionality
    • Server/Home infrastructure
  • Evaluate potential security threats for home admittance
  • Establish methods for storing (RF)ID in SIM cards, including
    • methods for application specific keys
    • state of the art in encryption on SIM cards
  • Prototype development of SIM based door opener on Mobile Phone
    • Encryption of "door opener application key" on SIM card
    • Establish methods for key distribution

Forutsetninger: Ability to work with Java, both with J2SE on server side and with J2ME on the mobile phone (Nokia RFID SDK). Ability to work with C on Windows for controlling the RFID reader/writer. Knowledge about network programming both with Java and C, including both low-level communication using sockets and more high-level functionality such as webservice/SOAP and web-applications (servlets or other).

Egnet som: The work can best be done in a team of 2 - 4 people.

Kontaktperson: Josef Noll, , Tlf: 6484 4745, Mob: 9083 8066
Kjell Myksvoll, , Mob: 9180 0651

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Page last modified on February 16, 2006, at 10:45 PM EST