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Reasons for Group Work in the Master theses of Thomas Halvorsen and Haakon Eikenes


The anticipated work on Mobile Phone authentication as a Doorkeeper covers a wide spectrum of different tasks, e.g.

  • Establish architecture with all components, esp. with respect to scaling issues
  • HomeServer: Install SMS based authentication with access rights, potential architecture for additional home services
  • Telecom service platform: Establish SMS send functionality
  • Mobile: SMS communication with SIM card
  • RFID/NFC: Information security and information storage on RFID. Access different information depending on service provider (e.g. Oslo sporveien: a) monthly ticket, b) payment to Narvesen)
  • Risk & Security analysis: What are the risks and vulnerabilities in the concept, how to deal with them.

Reasons for Common Work

The anticipated area is too wide to be covered by one person. Thus, work is divided into a common part and specific parts for each student. Haakon will have the focus on the server installation, while Thomas will focus on the mobile phone specific aspects.

The common part is based on continuous discussion between the students, in order to cover both mobile and server aspects.

The specific work items will allow a personal evaluation of the achievements during this Master thesis.

Common work

  • Describe potential access to the home, e.g. admittance, electronic access, device access
  • Establish a functional architecture for SMS based home access, based on
    • current work in the NFC forum
    • SIM based key distribution
    • Mobile phone functionality
    • Server/Home infrastructure

Specific task for Thomas: The Mobile Phone as Doorkeeper - Mobile Phone Implementation

This part will have the major focus on the mobile phone functionality in the prototype.

  • Evaluate potential security threats for home admittance
  • Establish methods for storing (RF)ID in SIM cards, including
    • methods for application specific keys
    • state of the art in encryption on SIM cards
  • Prototype development of SIM based door opener on Mobile Phone
    • Encryption of "door opener application key" on SIM card
    • Establish methods for key distribution

Specific task for Haakon: The Mobile Phone as Doorkeeper - Infrastructure Prototype

This part will focus on the evolution from the current key based infrastructure to a mobile phone/NFC supported doorkeeper infrastructure.

  • Describe state of the art in (contactless) doorkeeper solutions
  • Establish scenarios for mobile phone based doorkeeper solutions
    • privat area (plummer, friend,...)
    • public area (University, ...)
    • business buildings (Telenor, ...)
  • Prototypical development of Mobile Phone based doorkeeper
    • Home Infrastructure
    • Key distribution
    • Admittance application server
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