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Research issues in Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services


Semantic Web Services, object oriented programming

  • Today: Companies hae monolytic ERP systems
  • Upcoming: Service Oriented Business Applications (SOBA)
    • Based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    • Architecture is called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Connected through Web Services


  • Web service protocolls: SOAP, WDSL, UDDI
  • New: Web service standard fro business processes: Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

Related projects

other contacts, from Semantic Days 26.-27. April 2007, Stavanger

  • Aleksander Øhrn, FAST - Context and semantics - next generation search
  • Jon Atle Gulla, NTNU - From Google search to semantic exploration
    • NTNU, IDI
    • INP project: more than 10.000 concepts

Ideas for presentation

  • missing "security and trust"- access to documents

Policy based web (Tim,...), info by Kjetil Kjernsmo (snart Computas) to identify yourself

  • Use case: sharing photos with members of the group
  • Girl scout members are identified by statements signed by public key SK-GSA (Girl Scouts of America).
  • Jane's foaf file points to Betty's HTML page (which is available via a URL controlled by OpenID) and Betty authenticates via OpenID.
  • Location of GSA public key
    • publicly available,
    • behind a username/passwd that Betty knows,
    • PAW controlled resource, or the
    • key may be passed out of band.

Betty's proxy (or browser) constructs a proof which shows:

  • Jane is a girl scout (proven by the signed GSA statement);
  • The GSA public key;
  • Betty is Jane's mother (proven by Jane's FOAF file saying that the person who controls Betty's HTML page is her mother); and
  • Betty's OpenID authentication against her HTML page.


  • OpenID identity is just a URL. You can have multiple identities in the same way you can have multiple URLs.
  • pip, personal identity provider: You may have a work profile, which is shared, with your work colleagues; a home profile a blogger profile, and a shopping profile.

RDF Gravity to show relations in rdf files

OWL examples

security, trust (still to be standardized)

NASA - roles based access control on ESWC'07 -> get paper (or go to conference) ---

  • vodaphone internal web, between projects and suppliers, put an ontology on top of projects, researchers, etc....
  • bankinter: sms "somebody is taking money from the ATM. Is that okay" - ideas related to other ideas. Bank: typical only 4 months for time2market

Andre Aamodt, NTNU

  • Institut for informatics, partly involved in Volve (Spinn-off from NTNU)
  • goal predict unwanted events in online drilling
  • thing (3 entries), entity, relation, descriptive thing

Robert Engels, ESIS

  • Nepomuk, EU project with social networking (FOAF)

Thore Langeland

  • ISO 15926 compliant

Semantic Ontologies

presented by Ian Horrocks at the Semantic Days 2007, Stavanger. Slides are available at:


  • org.mindswap.swoop.Swoop (v2.3 beta)
  • Using Ontology from Protégé
  • Semantic Search: Swoogle


Reasoning systems

  • Cerebra, FaCT++, Kaon2, Pellet, Racer, ... (typically integrated)

Design methodologies

  • Modularity, foundational ontologies, etc


  • see ESWC'07 (NASA)
  • Biomedial: Galen, National Cancer Institute (NCI) with Anatomy, biology diseases, organismms, etc...

Web Ontology Language (OWL)

  • OWL DL&Lite ontologies, supported by tools
  • supports first order logic!


  • S basic DL plus transitive roles
  • H: role hierachy {has daughter}
  • O: nomials/singleton clases {Italy}
  • intersectionOf = and; unionOf = or; complementOf = not; oneOf = ??
  • maxCardinality = <= number; minCardinality = >=
  • subClassOf, equivalentClass, subPropoertyOf, equivalentProperty, transitiveProperty (if x has an ancestor y, and y has and ancestor z, then x has also an ancestor z)
  • OWL RDF/XML Exchange Syntax exists

OWL examples

NASA - roles based access control on ESWC'07 -> get paper (or go to conference)

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