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Son T. Nguyen

Phone: 47-51832036Address: IDE-TekNat
Mobile: 47-99517299University of Stavanger
Email: 4036, Stavanger, Norway

Son T. Nguyen is a PhD student at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Stavanger. He received bachelor degree from Hanoi University of Technology and master degree from Asian Institute of Technology, major in telecommunications. Before joining University of Stavanger, he is a lecturer at Hanoi University of Technology. He is currently working in WP1, Secure Wireless and Ad Hoc Communications, of SWACOM project.


  • Courses completed
    • MID100 – Data Security
    • DSP100 – PhD Course in Philosophy of Science with Ethics
  • Course undertaking
    • DIN270 – Advanced Wireless Communications

Research Objectives

  • Identify cryptographic mechanisms and protocols that are applicable to wireless ad hoc and possibly sensor networking
  • Design security architecture suitable for use in wireless ad hoc and sensor networking
  • Simulate and possibly implement the proposed mechanisms and architecture

Research Description

The development of wireless technology has evolved from time to time, from traditional cellular networks, WiFi, Bluetooth standards to vehicular and sensor networks. Though new technologies bring new applications to human life, they create challenges needed to be solved.
Traditional wireless network architecture follow centralized model, in which, service providers are in charge of network infrastructure and provide services to users. Users simply trust service providers and use the service provided. However, in the upcoming networks architecture, the service model changes from centralized to distributed or even self-organized. The number of service providers increases dramatically and in many cases, users can play multiple roles and can also serve as service providers. The trust and security model in this dynamic, distributed environment becomes much more complex compared to that of the traditional architecture. Moreover, new application devices have new constraints (e.g. limited power) which also require a modification of current design. Redesign or improvement of the security architecture of the current wireless networks to match with new network architectures is necessary.
Current researches in this field can be divided, but not limited, to several groups as followed:

  1. Finding suitable cryptographic mechanisms for securing communications between network devices
  2. Finding mechanisms to encourage cooperation among devices in the networks
  3. Finding mechanisms for secure group forming, membership and trust management
  4. Finding mechanisms to solve anonymity and accountability issues in the networks
  5. Finding mechanism to guarantee QoS and continuous working of the networks

SWACOM project focuses on designing secure and reliable mechanisms for wireless and especially ad hoc communications. WP1 of the project is to design mechanism to secure wireless ad hoc and possibly sensor networks communications.
The goal is to design a lightweight key distribution and management protocol suitable for ad hoc and wireless sensor applications. Motivations for this research are:

  • Network devices have limited power and limited computation capability. Thus, they cannot do much computation to calculate and distribute encryption keys.
  • Network deployment is done with a large number of devices and with a random topology. It is, therefore, very hard to distribute encryption keys in advance, bearing in mind that the network devices have limited memory.

Though there have been researches in this field, from the use of public key cryptography (i.e. Diffie-Hellman), the use of a trusted key distribution server (Kerberos-like) to random key pre-distribution, they still have their own limitations. Finding an efficient method of key distribution and management for a large number of devices with strict resource constraints is still an interesting problem.

Research References


  1. Son Thanh Nguyen, Chunming Rong. “Electronic Payment Scheme Using Identity-Based Cryptography”, Proceedings of 4th European PKI Workshop: Theory and Practice (EuroPKI 2007); LNCS 4582, Springer, June 2007.
  2. Son Thanh Nguyen, Chunming Rong. “ZigBee Security Using Identity-Based Cryptography”, Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC-07); LNCS 4610, Springer, July 2007.
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