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Ph.D. researcher in the area of Wireless Authentication

Seamless authentication to personalised services is the major challenge for all systems. While GSM/UMTS has a SIM based authentication, wireless authentication to WLAN (Wifi, WiMAX,...) uses a range of potential authentication mechanisms. The focus of this work is to elaborate on SIM based authentication mechanisms and their distribution in wireless networks (Bluetooth, RFID/NFC, Wifi), in order to ensure a seamless service access. A service access, which takes into account user preferences and privacy requirements.

The Research is financed through the ITEA Sumo project from the Norwegian Research Council. The researcher will work together in a team with the international project participants, project participants from Telenor, Birdstep and BeepScience and UniK students and researchers.

Working place is UniK. Salary is after the rules from the state. The application with CV, transcript of records, and names of to references should be sent to: or UniK, Boks 70, 2027 Kjeller. Mark application with "Wireless Authentication". Deadline 25. November 2005.

For further information, please contact:
Prof. stip. Josef Noll, UniK, mobil: 9083 8066,

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Envisaged tasks:

  • Theoretical: Key handling: distribution, security
  • Implementation: use NFC (
  • Standardisation: ECMA, NFC key exchange
  • Demo: show how it may work

PhDConditions from UiO

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