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'*This page is obsolete*'. We had an earlier TWiki installation, but that was too complicate to maintain. Focus is now on PmWiki

TWiki implementation UniK

  • /home/wiki er linked opp fra alle maskiner
  • Installasjon på amidala (Linux)
  • unpack success, men viser bare .perl script, ikke utføre kommando
    • installed GNU diff package, on /home/wiki/diffutils

Perl Script handling

Info from Internet:

 > I am executing my perl scripts using BEA WEBLOGIC.When i execute the 
 > perl script..i find my entire script on the browser instead of the 
 > output.It is just a simple perl program with print message or a simple 
 > program with html content which needs to display the contents in the 
 > body tag..But it is showing the whole pl script itself..Can anyone 
 > help me please?? 

It sounds like your web server is treating your script as text. Under Apache, this is done with the SetHandler and AddHandler directives.

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Page last modified on September 07, 2005, at 01:37 PM EST