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Weil pairing and its applications in cryptography

Professor Dingyi Pei, Guangzhou University, China


Weil pairing is widely used in cryptology in recent years. In this talk we start with a introduction to the concepts of elliptic curves, then the definition and algorithm for Weil pairing is described. Weil pairing makes elliptic curves to be an example of Gap Diffie-Hellmen groups, for which the Decision Diffie-Hellman problem is easy and the Computational Diffie-Hellman problem is hard. This property of Gap Diffie-Hellman groups is significant in cryptology. Four protocols based on Weil pairing are presented in this talk: (1) the computation of discrete logarithm on EC by using Weil pairing. (The hardness of the discrete logarithm problem on EC is the foundation of the security for elliptic curve cryptography); (2) the one round tripartite key exchange; (3) the short signature; and (4) the certificate-less public key cryptography.

Professor Dingyi Pei is the general chair of the AsiaCrypt 2006 conference, vise-president of “State Laboratory for Information Security” and holds two professorships, one with Guangzhou University and one with University of Science and Technology in Beijing. Professor Pei will be a participant in the SWACOM project, a joint project between the University in Stavanger and the University Graduate Center at Kjeller, and funded by the Research Council of Norway under the VERDIKT program. The project involves other partners like FFI, relevant Norwegian industry, end several international research communities.

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