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Deadline: 10-01-2009

High level Architecture

Figure 1. High Level Architecture


  • Josef: please add "status", and extend page with links to implementation etc.


Alexander?22 March 2014, 03:28

Well I guess Sepp didn't try it out yet I estimate you can see it quite good up to 500m? If it flew lets say 50m high and the real Redbull Cobra in 200m you wdloun't know which one is the model!

Mohamad?22 March 2014, 02:33

practicality be damned, it would dlefniteiy work lots of people fly fpv, and i'd imagine the sheer size and weight would make this more stable. alternatively, in a sponsored event, one would simply put a cam module on the bottom and have a second pilot, the cameraman . It's actually a good idea and would be cool to see it at an event. you should write them.

Ahmed?21 March 2014, 21:33

Thanks to you I now know of this immensely tateelnd designer. (Which rock have I been under all these years?) The London store is gorgeous but it's his country house that's a real testament to his skills. Such a wonderful story... To think he spent his best summers there as a boy. Thanks for an insightful post Anna. Do hope you and your mum enjoyed New York. Janelle

Auth?20 February 2013, 15:39

Vecere / Jak to vypade1 po modifikaci Šance s tebou v tieevlzi ? Je ještě nějake1 šance tě v ned vidět ?Eva Aichmajerove1: Určitě ne, odmedtla jsema0 Sexy šanci moderovat, už jsem někde jinde, ale zase jsem za sebe našla ne1hrady a mysledm, že se Hanka, Eva a Martina docela ledbed.

Nenette?30 March 2012, 07:38

Gee wlilikres, that's such a great post!

sarfraz?28 oktober 2008, 20:23

Who does what + time plan + meeting plan will be added soon.

sarfraz?28 oktober 2008, 20:22

I will remove the mirroring functionality as soon as possible.

sarfraz?28 oktober 2008, 20:20

To answers "Where is "reasoning"? "---> the reasoning is for content access list and it is perofrmed on central server through authorization service. And personalization filter is only interface to recomenderClient developed by Tudor. Here i am qouting Elyes provided information in paper: "When browsing the filtered content, if the user wants to obtain an even more personalized list of contents, with regards to the communities he belongs to, he can trigger the RecommenderClient which sends a list of content as well as the user profile to the SemanticRecommandation Service. This latter is developed by our partners of Centre Henri Tudor and Alcatel and can be queried via http-request. After performing the matching between user, community and list of contents, the SemanticRecommander Service returns back a personalized list of contents stored on a local directory by the RecommenderClient and later explored with the SemanticBrowser."

Josef Noll, UniK?28 oktober 2008, 18:37

who does what section is missing

Josef Noll, UniK?28 oktober 2008, 18:37

Where is "reasoning"? I thought that all reasoning (with ESG API) is taken place in the external server. From your picture I get the impression it is happening in the STB

Josef Noll, UniK?28 oktober 2008, 18:35

Why has mirroring become important? Mirroring should only be an optional feature, I don't want us to be pressed for delivering something we don't want to do

Josef Noll, UniK?28 oktober 2008, 18:34

why having a Content DB on the central server? I thought we would just have content related to the STB?

Josef Noll, UniK?28 oktober 2008, 18:32

put milestones out, how you want to reach the deadline

Josef28 oktober 2008, 18:31

why do you use "apple i-phone"? are we going to use that one for demonstration? If not, it gives a wrong impression

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