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  • ok - First of all, download and install UserAuth user-based authentication plugin;
  • ok - Now download and install presence-light-v1.0.tar.gz;Δ
  • ok - Include the plugin from your config.php file, after UserAuth include: require_once("cookbook/presence-list.php");
  • NO - Load your PmWiki once to create the default .onlineusers file
    The .onlineusers file is stored in the "local" directory. On Unix-like systems this directory needs to be owned by the web server user for the users file to be automatically created.
    no file with online users created
  • (:xajax:) is the markup to see the online users list, put it somewhere in your pages, I suggest Sidebar;



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Page last modified on October 18, 2005, at 03:14 PM EST