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  • Future SIM workshop, 23. June 2008 as part of the ATC/UIC 2008 conference, including NFC activation, WLAN SIM and Virtual MegaSIM
  • BBC names NFC a top technology for 2008 (January 16, 2008)
  • Survey shows that US consumers want simple payment features for NFC phones (January 10, 2008)
  • Report: Majority of phones will support NFC once standards are finalized (January 03, 2008)
  • The Nokia Eco Sensor concept to use NFC, (December 12, 2007)
    Eco Sensor Concept: mobile phone and compatible sensing device for health and local environment. Exchange by NFC
  • More advertisements with better, more personalized messages, (December 05, 2007)
    Entering the Advertising Age. because the cellphone will become even more personal, the cellphone will become a remote control for reality.
  • MasterCard to launch contactless technology at Masters golf tournament (November 26, 2007)
    • MasterCard Worldwide is launching a contactless payment during MasterCard Masters golf tournament, but
    • MasterCard® PayPass™ on a mobile phone.
    • Free giveaway of 3000 MasterCard PayPass cards, each with $25
  • Major French industry players launch joint NFC trial, November 09, 2007
    6 French banks, 4 mobile operators, MasterCard and Visa launch large-scale trial NFC payments, 1,000 customers, 200 stores in Caen and Strasbourg
  • Report: 12% of mobile phones will have NFC support, November 05, 2007,
    • Juniper Research: around 52 million consumers will adopt NFC (...) by 2011
    • By 2011 around 12% of mobile phones will have NFC
  • Asia's first SIM-based NFC trial begins soon, October 04, 2007,
    Gemalto, Taiwan’s Far EasTone Teleco with Asia’s first mobile contactless SIM-based NFC (Near Field Communications) trial.
  • 13 Nov 2007 - 12 Operators trial NFC payment, access and operation
    including mobile NFC technical guidelines
    including Pay-Buy-Mobile Version 1.0 November 2007 Business Opportunity Analysis Public White Paper
  • Deutsche Bahn offers NFC payments: (currently MMS based)
  • Contactless payments in London incorporating the existing public transport system with Mastercard and Visa:
  • Sony and Philips are joining efforts to enable secure NFC in mobile phones
  • 7.1.2007 - Nokia launches Nokia 6131 NFC
  • October 2006: Stolpan project presents vision of interoperability in NFC services at NFC 2006 in Germany
    see:, with partners: NXP, Motorola, SUN Microsystems, ...
  • Dialog, Fram Kino and UniK co-operate on Cinema Access,
  • Mastercard uses PayPass in Dallas for NFC paymet,
  • Philips and Scan develop NFC on the SIM card,
  • Deutsche Bahn offers NFC payments, see NFC-FieldTrials
  • Mobile key (mKey), distribute door keys through SMS. Mastertheses at UniK
  • NFC-FieldTrials, including results from Nokia's Field tests.
  • NFCNewsHeadlines from,

About NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity standard (Ecma-340, ISO/IEC 18092) that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they're touched together, or brought within a few centimeters of each other. Jointly developed by Philips and Sony, the standard specifies a way for the devices to establish a peer-to-peer (Rfidtutorial/P2P) network to exchange data. After the Rfidtutorial/P2P network has been configured, another wireless communication technology, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, can be used for longer range communication or for transfering larger amounts of data.

Here are some examples of how NFC can be used: You could take pictures with a cell phone with a built in camera, and touch an enabled computer or television set to transmit the images for display; You could download applications or games to a handheld device by touching the computer; In conjunction with another wireless technology, you could transfer large files between two devices, such as a laptop and a desktop, simply by touching the two together.


RFID/NFC Tutorial at the Eurescom Summit 2005, 26.4.2005

NFC benefits

  • Improved usability and a better user experience
  • Easy access to services and content from physical objects
  • Convenient sharing of digital items between devices by bringing them next to each other
  • Local payment and ticketing capabilities

Infomaterial and NFC Headlines

Initial press releases, Near Field Communication

Nokia, Philips and Sony establish NFC Forum

The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum will promote the use of touch-based interactions in consumer electronics, mobile devices, Rfidtutorial/PCs and smart objects. NFC standard approved in just 14 months

In a remarkable timeframe of 14 months two international standardization bodies, Ecma and ISO/IEC, have approved NFC technology. Near Field Communication delivers fast, intuitive connectivity

Just as you would walk across a room full of people to have a private conversation with someone, rather than shouting across it so that everyone could hear, Near Field Communication (NFC) uses the same principle to link electronic devices...

NFC, technology and documentation

Related Technologies

Products from Philips

+ Rfidtutorial/PN511 Transmission Module \\ + Rfidtutorial/PN531 Smart Transmission Module \\ + Datasheets

NFC technology

+ Smart card compatibility \\ + Secure NFC \\ + Active or passive operation \\ +Standardization

NFC is a very short-range wireless technology, for distances measured in centimeters, and is optimized for intuitive, easy and secure communications between various devices without user configuration. In order to make two devices communicate, users bring them close together or even make them touch. The devices' NFC interfaces will automatically connect and configure themselves to form a peer-to-peer network. NFC can also bootstrap other protocols like Bluetooth® or Wireless Ethernet (Rfidtutorial/WiFi) by exchanging the configuration and session data. Smart card compatibility

NFC is compatible with Philips' MIFARE® and Sony's Felica contactless smart card platforms. This enables NFC devices to read information from these cards, making contactless smart cards the ideal solution for bringing information and vouchers into the NFC world. NFC devices can also operate like a contactless card - even when switched off - making them compatible with the huge installed infrastructure of MIFARE and Felica systems. These proven systems, with millions of cards in the market already, provide a solid foundation for the introduction of NFC enabled devices.

Secure NFC

Secure NFC combines NFC applications with smart card security. Devices with secure NFC act like a contactless smart card with cryptographic capabilities. This means that confidential data and data that represents values is stored in a secure memory area and always stays on the card. Authentication is performed by the NFC device itself and transmitted data can be encrypted by the NFC device using a private encryption key stored in the device's secure memory. Active or passive operation

NFC-enabled devices can operate in active or passive modes. Mobile devices operating primarily in passive mode can achieve significant power savings, stretching precious battery time. Active NFC devices can supply all the power needed for communication with passive devices through their internally generated RF field - in exactly the same way contactless smart cards are powered - ensuring that data remains accessible even when the mobile device is switched off.


NFC is an open platform technology standardized in ECMA 340 as well as ETSI TS 102 190 V1.1.1 and ISO/IEC 18092. These standards specify the modulation schemes, coding, transfer speeds, and frame format of the RF interface of NFC devices, as well as initialization schemes and conditions required for data collision-control during initialization - for both passive and active NFC modes. Furthermore, they also define the transport protocol, including protocol activation and data exchange methods. In order to further compatibility and interoperability between devices, Philips, Nokia and Sony are founding the NFC Forum and inviting other interested parties to join.

RFID/NFC related demonstrations RFIDdemo

Authentication with your own phone

This demo has two variants

  • Use the RFID card reader to secure the PC. Only if the phone is attached to the card reader, the PC is up and running (old Cebit demo)
  • Use the card reader to display "who is connected". This demo can also initiate an SMS, as soon as a user has attached his phone to the reader
  • Rfidtutorial/AuthenticationInstallationAndUsage

Infokiosk - imagine the world

This demo is developed from Gemplus, and runs at Telenor R&D on an Info kiosk. It demonstrated for different scenarios (company access, travelling, coffee ordering,...) how the Mobile Phone authorises access.

  • Rfidtutorial/InfokioskInstallationAndUsage

Payment and ticketing (Giesecke & Devrient)

This demo is based on life communication with the SIM card, shown for access, travelling (Munich S-Bahn) and purchase (Restaurant).

  • Rfidtutorial/SIMpaymentInstallationAndUsage

NFC and mobile Commerce (Nokia/Telenor)

This life demo connects an NFC phone (Nokia 3320) with the mobile commerce centre from Telenor. The phone can initiate three actions:

  • SMS message. Here an SMS message is initiated (very good for demonstrations. Put two phones together)
  • WAP address: By reading a tag a wap page is called
  • Call a phone number: by reading a tag a phone call is initiated

Best demos are ticket purchase (, weather information (SMS initiation) and traffic information (

  • Rfidtutorial/NFCInstallationAndUsage

Payment on coffee machine

This demo uses the "standard tags" to enable payment of the coffee machine

  • Rfidtutorial/CoffeeMachineInstallationAndUsage

Online demo from Nokia

The service man reading the electricity meter

Nokia field force solution with NFC

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