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The thesis is moved to

The master thesis entitled

TV receiver registration to utilize unused frequencies in the TV broadcasting band

is finished and can be downloaded here Δ

The presentation of the thesis will happen on 27. June 2011 at 12:00h at UNIK


  • 31.5.2011 - the thesis is delivered


Keywords: cognitive radio, TV, reuse, frequency, white space, gray space

In this thesis the registration of TV receiver information in a database is introduced to utilize unused frequencies in the TV broadcasting band. The unused frequencies are split in White space and Grey space. By conducting simulations at three areas in Norway the amount of unused frequencies with focus on the Grey Space is found. The result is evaluated in regards to the level of information retrieved from each TV receiver. There are three knowledge levels evaluated: when the information changes from only knowing the available channels at a location, to having information on which broad- caster delivers TV service information at a household, and finally how the amount of Grey Space changes when knowing the TV usage in time. The result is evaluated using a Cognitive radio with transmit power of 100mW and 4 W.

At the areas evaluated the Grey Space amount varies in average between 80-96 MHz considering a Cognitive radio with 4 W transmit power. This level increases to 109- 115 MHz in average when considering a 100mW Cognitive device. These levels are in addition to the White Space found at an area.


The recent growth in mobile and wireless communications requires much more spectrum than what is available right now. According to Sharam G. Niri, 400 -> 700 MHz


The overall aim in this thesis is to suggest how to register TV receivers, and show that by taking to account the actual users of the TV service one can utilize more frequencies then just looking at TV transmitter parameters. The reason this area is studied is because while new technology is developing the need for more radio spectrum increases, unfortunately spectrum is a limited resource. Research findings indicate that the TV band may be reused by other services if one can guaranty no harmful interference to licensed services such as TV – receivers. In addition there has been indications that registering TV – receiver locations will give a better mapping of unused frequencies in the TV bands.

Task Details


Thesis Disposition

Registration of TV receivers for cognitive radio

1. Introduction

1.1 Goal
1.2 Motivation
1.3 Brief overview
1.4 Problem statement, Scenario
1.4 Structure of thesis


2. State-of-the-art

  • cognitive radio, WRAN
  • Related works
  • standardisering

3. Reearch Methodology and Detailed Problem statement

  • Proposal for solution
    • TX, RX, ...
  • Research approaches,
    • map and propagation
    • statistical approach

4. RX database for increased frequency usage

  • display statistiske data
  • link to befolkningsdistribusjon
  • beregne nyte %
  • ta ytterlige informasjon in
  • bruksmønster av TV (hva konkret ser brukeren)
  • 3 different areas

5. Implementation

5. Evaluation

  • 6. Conclusions
  • 7. References

Contacts: (please update your info at People)
Hemdan Bezabih, , m: 9764 1619
Torleiv Maseng,
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066

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