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  • Masterthesis at UniK
  • Institute: UniK in co-operation with FFI


Thesis is delivered and can be dowloaded here (.pdf) Δ


To make decisions or take actions should be based on the evaluation of multiple parameters. Sensor input, position data and context will influence the decision. The goal of this master thesis is to create a semantically based decision engine, which allows actions like "_if the value of CO increases with 5 %/min send a warning to phone, unless it's less than 1 % in total_". Applications: Tactical warforce (decision making), environmental monitoring (air pollution),..

Content of the Thesis (draft)

  • Scenario case
    • Fusion of data from multiple distributed sources.
    • Extract implicit information based on ontology.
    • Limit data-volume to be transmitted in a network, and
    • limit information flow to decision makers, in
    • mobile services,
    • military, tactical data-exchange,
    • medical supervision,
    • process industry,
    • financial industry,
    • ...
  • Connection to decision psychology
    • Information overflow and sense-making.
    • Heuristic reasoning.
  • State-of-the-art and references
    • Semantic technologies, Web 3.0.
    • Ontologies and knowledge modeling.
    • Automated reasoning and inferencing.
    • Parameters for filtering data
    • Alternative technologies
    • Extensions of semantic standards.
  • Demonstrator
A sample ontology from a specific domain (military), using a generic reasoning engine to filter and integrate data in order to automate decisions.


Having finished the master thesis, the student will demonstrate how to:

  • Establish a domain-specific ontology that reflects the entities and associations relevant to decision-making.
  • Use a reasoning engine to recognize critical states and situations that need to be brought to the attention of the (human) decision-maker.

Kontaktperson: Joachim Reitan, , m: 9178 2192
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066
Marianne Rustad, , m: 4084 5356
Geir Kirkeb°en, , p: 2284 5019

other info

  • Meetings regular meetings in the communication group: Gyorgy, Mushfiq, Elin

Categories:Semantics, Mobile Services

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