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Proposed Master Projects

A supervisor is specified for each project. Contact the supervisor if you are interested in doing a project.

If you are not a student of a Norwegian University, please find information on remote thesis supervision here

Future Service Environments; Semantics and Ontology

Identity Management

Near-Field and Sensor Communications

NFC - Near Field Communications

Sensor Communication and Internet of Things

  • Integrate Sensors into the Telenor Objects Platform
  • Smart Grids and electrical motorcycles (eFree)
  • Sensors on trains and infrastructure of Jernbaneverket (JBV)

Radio communication

Communication in the North


Advances in Radio prediction

  • Advanced algorithms for propagation prediction
    • a) long distance
    • b) fine-grain details
  • Establish and test (radar) ray tracing for urban areas

Cognitive Radio

  • Mobile radio units communicating in agreed frequency bands
  • How to establish frequency coordination for small mobile units

Radio prediction in Oslo (Example from Astrix/Telenor)

Privacy and Digital Rights Management

- WLAN security, user behavior monitoring, passive data gathering, vulnerability tests
- Design a device domain controller and interconnect with PATS
- Cost of DRM Technologies
- A digital rights management system for home content
- Explore capabilities of current media players with focus on encryption and device domain access
- Integrate Easy Pairing with Radius

Security Usability

- Experimental Security Usability Investigations

Trust and Reputation Systems

- Robustness of reputation systems

Trusted Systems

- Integrating Trusted Computing and PKI
- Robustness of Trusted Computing in Digital Rights Management
- Trusted Systems Security Models


- The Future of Quantum Cryptography

Information Warfare

- Games Security
- Honeypots, Honeynets and Darknets
- Spam, and its negative impact on the Internet and the effectiveness of organisations
- Botnet threats and countermeasures

Security Management

- Uncertainty in Risk Analysis
- Measuring Security

Ongoing and Finished Master Projects

Master Theses in 2008/2009

Master Theses in 2007/2008

Master Theses in 2006/2007

Master Theses in 2005 Master Thesis in 2005/2006

  • Haakon Eikenes and Thomas Halvorsen, The Mobile Phone as a Doorkeeper
  • Ola Hřiby, Use the mobile phone authentication for picture access
  • Erzsébet Somogyi and György Kálmán, HomeNetworking: (Remote) Management of Home Gateway and Remote accesss to "my" Content
  • Marianne Rustad, Service development: Using Ontology to create Semantic Web services in a commuter (tourist scenario)
  • Andreas Třnnesen, Implementation of ad hoc routing protocols
  • Fredrik Andreassen, Quality of Service in ad hoc networks
  • Sondre W. Engell, Security in mobile ad hoc networks
  • Kjersti Irene Sand, Quality of Service in ad hoc networks
  • Christina Valeur, Key Management in ad hoc networks
  • Thomas Nordli, Implementation of ad hoc routing protocols
  • Lars Strand, Distributed firewalls home page
  • Shiva Sitaula, Quality of Service in ad hoc networks

Other projects

  • Mobility in IPv6 - lab project -> ipv6lab.html
  • Implementations of routing protocols
  • Multicast in wireless networks

Selected areas of PhD Research

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Master Research

Misc. areas of related research

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