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Title: "Performance analysis of upcoming standards for mobile communications"

  • Masterthesis at UNIK


Thesis is delivered Oct 2009

Download Thesis "Performance Analysis ..." (.pdf) here Δ

Detailed work overview


The study shall evaluate the upcoming standards for mobile communications. Amongst the standards mentioned in IMT-Advanced (IMT-A) are Long term evolution (LTE) and WiMAX. Focus of this study will be the comparison of these two main standards, and performance simulations for typical Norwegian radio environments.

The thesis is planned as a short thesis, starting in January 2009.

Content of the Thesis

The thesis will address

  • Overview over IMT-A standards (M1)
  • Detailed comparison of WiMAX and LTE (M2)
  • Overview and analysis of radio propagation models with focus on Norwegian terrain

Detailed simulations of the performance of the two selected standards will be performed, including

  • selection of simulation environment (NS2, Matlab, ...)
  • selection and implementation of propagation environments
  • simulations
  • evaluations and comparison with data from literature

Goals and plan of progress

  • M1 (month 1): Overview over IMT-A standards, literature review
  • M2: Detailed comparison of WiMAX and LTE
  • M3: Overview and selection of radio propagation models;
Selection of simulation environment;
draft evaluation plan for simulations (what do we want to simulate)
  • M5 - 2 weeks: draft results
  • M5: refined results and evaluation of results
  • M6: submission of thesis

Contacts: Arlindo Bengui Andre,, , m: 95919962
Pål Orten,
Thomas Haslestad, , m: 9708 2034
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066

Categories:Beyond 3G, Radio, Networking

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