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Title: Analysis and test of suitable SATCOM technologies in specific Coast Guard operations in Norway.

Continuation of earlier work

  • Masterthesis at UniK and FFI for the master degree in “Electronics and computer technology, line of study: Signal processing and communication”.



The Norwegian Coast Guard is the Norwegian Governments most important handler of authority at sea and performs its activities in the whole Norwegian area of responsibility. The Norwegian Coast Guard is a part of the Norwegian Royal Navy and is the primary presence of the Norwegian Defence in peace-time. A greater part of the operations take place in northern territory and inside fjords, where data transfer challenges for information exchange between the Norwegian Coast Guard and military/civil departments is met daily.

Content of the Thesis

In the project it will be accounted for the specific needs for data transfer in Coast Guard operations. Available alternative technologies for data transfer will be used to illustrate network coverage, accessibility and quality of service in relationship to Coast Guard operations. Equipment for utilizing Iridium SATCOM by inverse multiplexing over multiple channels will be used for an thourough QOS and reliability analysis. The results will show how low-cost narrow band SATCOM can be used in parallell for an effective and reliable data carrier with continous network coverage in the operation areas of the Coast Guard. The analysis will consist of two test rigs installed on operational ships by sea, and one test rig at FFI. The methodology for QOS and reliability analysis will be adapted for SATCOM-links, and put in relationship with the requirement spesifications for exchanging and integration of real-time data.

Goals and plan of progress

Autumn 2008 - performed

  • Installation of multi-channel Iridium-system, system on air.
  • Specification of methodology for QOS measurement.
  • Essay writing.

Spring 2009 - under progress

  • Function testing and understanding of multi-channel SATCOM systems.
  • Specifiy the limitations of the Iridium network.
  • Testing of measurement systems.
  • Evalutaion of measurement systems.
  • Limitations of QOS measurement systems.

Autumn 2009

  • Main tests of QOS.
  • Evaluation of system and parameters influencing real-time communication for Coast Guard operations.
  • Final writing.

Kontaktperson: Markus Gr°nstad, , m: 9807 7770
Robert H Macdonald, , p: 6380 7224, m: 9708 2038
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066

Categories:Nordomradet, Networking, Mobile Services Radio

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