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Mobile Phone Banking Security

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  • Masteroppgaver på UniK
  • Institutt: UniK i samarbeid med Telenor

This part will establish an architecture for seamless service access, and will evaluate the different solutions with focus on security. Specific application area is Mobile Phone Banking.


  • Overview types of service access, including e.g. admittance, electronic access, device access
  • Potential security risks for Mobile Banking and Home Content access
    • Smartphone access based on SIM authentication
    • (RF)ID based authentication based on SIM stored username/password
    • PC based access with username/password
    • PC based access through Mobile Phone presence, NFC or EAP-SIM
  • Security in Mobile Phone Banking
    • Evaluation of security schemes
  • WAP access to network banking
    • Security mechanisms (seamless login with WAP authentication)
    • Enhanced security through SIM based PKI
  • Test and demonstration of the SIM based PKI on different phones
    • Establish database for phone and phone types
    • Indicate capabilities for phones (WAP session, SIM - PKI structure)

Prototype will continue on the work of Ola, see: WAP Mobile Banking Prototype - best shown from a wap phone:

  • Testing of WAP sessions on various phones when applying different security mechanisms.

Kontaktperson: Josef Noll, , Tlf: 6484 4745, Mob: 9083 8066

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Page last modified on February 11, 2009, at 02:53 PM EST