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Keywords: wireless sensor, mobile integration, web integration, virtualization, web-services, new application areas for mobile phones

  • Masterthesis at UNIK and LTH


Description (draft)

Sensors deliver data, which can contribute to decision making. However, most of the sensor data are _event based_, and thus not available in the Internet service world. The goal of this practical work is on sensor integration into the mobile device, and how these services can be integrated into an Internet service world. Applications area cover a.o. the measurements of air quality and position of the measurements. Informations in this will be edited frequently.

Suggested Thesis Disposition

Title page, abstract(of course) ...

  • 1. Introduction (brief information about sensor network, virtualization and sensor network integration)
    • 1.1 Background - Overview of the fields the works is in.(here sensor network). No details..
    • 1.2 Problem description - What is the problem that I have looked into? why this is a problem?
    • 1.3 Method - How did I investigate or solve this problem? Tools used in this method.
    • 1.4 Goal - Ultimate goal for my thesis work.
    • 1.5 Limitations - What am not doing in this project work? (I hope this needs to be redefined).
    • 1.6 Thesis overview - describing the overview structure of my thesis work in chapter wise.
  • 2. Theory/Empiry
    • 2.1 Basic outline of the plot - Here I should describe the requirements needed to solve the problem.
    • 2.2 Dispute - Technological challenges.
  • 3. State of the art/Related Works
    • 3.1 Survey
      • a) related to wireless sensor networks.
      • b) related to virtualization in sensor networks.
      • a) related to integration of sensor networks.
    • 3.2 Motivation to novelty
  • 4. Work and Results
    • 4.1 Work design - Protocols and architecture implementation.
    • 4.2 Result - Outcome of the work design.
  • 5. Evaluation (needs to be optimised at last)
  • 6. Discussion
    • Here probably what could the result tell us and what I have learned? what was good with my chosen methodand what was bad in my method of approach etc., can be pointed out
  • 7. Conclusions
  • 8. References

Contacts: (please update your info at People)
Kaja Najumudeen Mohamed sait , , m: 4130 9199
Sarfraz Alam, , p: 6484 4754, m: 4639 3153
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066

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